To Green Beer, or Not to Green Beer (or Lost, or TV Binge, or Bracket?)

Hm. I was just told we’re definitely going out for a drink tonight to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I am torn. One- I’m Irish. That’s a practical obligation. Two- I spent all day trying to cleanse my poor body from the bloat and nastiness it acquired from this weekend’s poor choices. Three- I stink like garlic and onions from a soup I just assembled. That’s two to one. What’a girl to do?

It’s decisions like these that often throw me for what I like to call, ‘decisions of despair.’ Do I choose to go out with the human population, consume some calorie laden beverages that will only cause me to have to start over again tomorrow on my healthy path, or do I sit home and be anti-social, trying not to countdown the 29 remaining days in Halifax? Yep. Counting.

While I think about it, here’s some completely unrelated Samples.


‘Lost’ Creators Discuss Controversial Finale (Toronto Sun) – I can’t believe it’s been ten years since my favorite show debuted. The whole gang met up last night for their first official Q&A since the finale in 2010, and answered a lot of questions people (mostly haters) had about the show’s wrap-up. Honestly, if you still think they were dead the whole time, you missed the entire point of the show and should be ashamed of yourselves. Sorry, I feel the need to protect my constants.

Why We’re Wired to Binge-Watch TV (Psychology Today) – Speaking of TV…ahem. Since the invention of Netflix, we have ourselves a bit of an epidemic. You thought binge-eating made you feel helpless? How about knowing you have just 2 episodes left until you’re caught up with Mad Men and the new season premieres April 13th? Not that I would know anything about that….

NCAA Tournament Bracket Tip Sheet (USA Today) – Ohhhh my god. March Madness is upon us. Literally the only good thing about this time of year (besides today, of course laddies.) Read up, make wise choices, and don’t forget to fill out one perfect bracket for Warren Buffet. It could make you a BILLIONAIRE.



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