Happiness is the Truth (and so are New Purses)

Did you ever wake up sick of doing things one way, and just decide to seize the day and do it all differently? That’s me, this morning. A lot of that probably stems from the naughty food fest we had last night. I will lovingly call it, “Bread Fest 2014.” Let’s just say, neither of us felt anywhere near good when it was over haha. It’s funny how truly ill a few of the wrong food choices can make you feel. It was a great lesson, if nothing else.

I’m thrilled to return to clean eating today, and am thinking maybe no cheat meal (or what turned into a cheat day, like yesterday,) next week. I don’t think it’s worth it right now. I’m down 10 lbs and want to see how far I can take this ride before returning home. There is really no better time to do it than now- without a social life, money to spend on entertainment, or any other distractions. Can you see why I’ve been in a funk? I’m a people person driven by people and I need more people in my life. Say that 5 times fast.

So this week is of the carpe diem nature. Come along if you feel that HAPPINESS is the TRUTH.  (I still enjoy that song. I can’t imagine it will remain that way for very long.)


How Running Changed Me (Runner’s World) – I keep thinking about how by this time last year, I was already starting to hit the track each morning. It seems so cold and unfathomable this year, but I’m itching to get outside. The gym here just doesn’t do it for me. I’m thinking about bundling up and going out most days, even if it’s just for a walk. I will beat you with my mind, mother nature! Anyways.. great article about a newbie who started for weight loss but as usual, it turned into her lifestyle. She really breaks it down for beginners.

‘Mindful’ Meditation May Help Curb Chocolate Cravings (MedicalDaily) – Ummmm whhaaaa?!? If this proves to be true, I will need to make it a permanent part of my life. I do, anyways. I’ve realized this time has left me with a faster-than-ever worry mind, and I know the only way to slow it down is.. you know it… a regular mediation routine. I do think that once you become “good” at it (and like yoga, I have to remind myself it’s a practice, meant to be practiced,) I totally believe you can use it for everything from food cravings to diffusing panic attacks. The mind is a powerful beast when left untamed.

Best Bags of NYFW Spring 2014 (LuckyMag) – Nothing says “it’s a new season, baby” than a crisp, clean new purse. It’s one of the top purchases on my mind these days. My urge is to go buy now, but then the voice inside my head (which sounds strangely like my husband’s) says, “That’s $15 cheaper at home…” We’ll see how much actual seizing of the day I do this week with my wallet.

Oh Michael Kors. If only my Mom would buy another one of yours and decide she doesn't like it...
Oh Michael Kors. If only my Mom would buy another one of yours and decide she doesn’t like it…

Lifestyle Factors that Make You Feel Depressed (Mind Body Green) – Holy shit. Sorry, but I was taken aback when I started to scroll down this list. What do ya know? The top factors have ALL been major parts of my life the last 6 months. That revelation makes me feel sad, but also kind of relieved. It’s like, well- duh, of course you’re feeling like crap. We’ve been through a lot this year and it’s easy to discount that stuff, beat yourself up, and wonder why you aren’t living up to unrealistic expectations of how you “should” feel. It’s just a good reminder that it’s okay to let yourself off the hook a little when things get tough.


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