The One Month Mark + the Fall of Caesar + St. Patrick’s Day Prep

And, we’re back. It’s March 15th, 2014, and I’m ecstatic to report, one month away from returning to the States. Maybe less, which would be great. We counted the other day, and as of now, we’ve been effectively “homeless” for 9 whole months. I’ve had a hard time recently filling my days with meaningful activities. Long story short, I’ve been on the winter depressed side of things, but in this final stretch of vagabond life, I plan to make much better use of my time. There will be packing, of course, but also delving into March Madness, upping the fitness attack, and delivering last minute reviews about the Maritimes. I’m going to be up front with you- not all of it will be sugar-coated. We like it here, but… we’ll talk. Who wants to read overly polite, tiptoeing reviews of things, anyways? Boring.

Today, we can get right to the business of March. It’s the Ides of March (PS that coin is REAL, archaeology fans- I got schooled,) and St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Break out the corned beef and Caesars and let’s get back to DAILY samplers.


Green Desserts that Actually Taste Good (Huffington Post) – I can’t vouch for these. There’s something about green anything (except for maybe guacamole or a nice, healthy salad,) that eeks me out. I don’t think green looks flattering when people wear it, and I certainly can’t get excited about a green-hued, mint flavored milkshake. Nast. Still, some people are really into it, and this sample is for those people. I ain’t mad at ya.

Behind the Drink: The Bloody Caesar ( – I am a loyal Bloody Mary enthusiast, so naturally, I turned up my nose at the thought of Clamato juice (or any sign of clams) entering into my favorite cocktail. However, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The Caesar is a great drink, and honestly, if you’re worried about a fishy experience, I can assure you, all the Clamato really does is mellow out the acidity of the tomato juice. No strange smell or taste. This link has the recipe and a brief Canadian history lesson.

How to Wear Green Eyeshadow Without Looking Like a Fool (Self) – I once went through a phase where I was rocking green (more like a jade color) eyeliner. Ya know what? It looked kind of cool. I think if you do it the right way, you can manage to look like you did it on purpose. Here is a breakdown for each eye color. Don’t embarrass me out there.

The Best Cheap Beer Brands (Huffington Post) – Chances are, you’ll be having a green beer sometime this weekend. It’s even likelier that green beer is actually bottom-of-the keg Miller High Life mixed with a dollop of green food coloring. If you’re going for the bottom shelf, at least request the best tasting brew.



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