Day 14 and My Review of the STAT Plan

We made it!! Ring the alarm! 14 days of (mostly) clean eating and overall, I’m a pretty happy camper. I am disappointed I didn’t get the same 14 lb loss as the people on TV did (isn’t it always that way?) I did lose about 8 lbs, and that’s nothing to ignore. More so, I’m on a path I can feel good about, and I’m excited to continue on with. A few main points:


  • After just a few days, I FELT so much better, as if I had in fact lost that coveted 14.
  • Immediately, my clothes started fitting better. Inches have definitely left my frame.
  • All of the real food I ate filled me up, left me satisfied, and I rarely craved more. Except pizza, but I think that’s more of a homesick thing/Ellen really messed with me at the Oscars.
  • It helped me kick ass in yoga.
  • Hubs also lost about 7-8 lbs, just by his association to me. Winky face.
  • I got super excited removing a link from the chain every morning, because I’m dorky.
  • This is the actual blueprint for the kind of lifestyle I want to lead, and it’s totally doable.


  • I got a little burnt out by the weekend, both weeks. My perfection was pretty high all week long, and by Saturday I wanted to douse myself in wine. I did. Can’t say it was as fun as I imagined it would be.
  • I stalled on week 2 a lot, as in, I probably only lost 1 lb all week, despite my perfectionist attitude. That was a little discouraging, but hubs reminded me that normal weight loss is about 1-2 lbs per week, anything else is icing on the cake. So wise, that one.
  • Because I was feeling a little discouraged at the end, I overindulged more than I should have this weekend, and I sort of regret it. Overall, I think I need that one cheat meal per week, because it really has reset my mind and made me ready to get back on the wagon, balls to the wall.
  • Many nights I had a rumbling stomach- not necessarily from hunger, but from.. well.. consuming lots of roughage. #aladynevertells

I’ll share what a day of meals looked like. I ate very similarly most days, just based on what I had in my fridge. Breakfast might be sautéed veggies and a soft boiled egg, some avocado or if I was hungrier, I’d swirl up 3 egg whites with those veggies and one piece of whole wheat toast. Or, another favorite was a cup of mixed berries (my favorite CostCo find,) with either a half cup of oatmeal or greek yogurt. For lunch, I loved having a cup of bean salad I would make for the week, consisting of chickpeas, black beans, cucumber, peppers, carrots (whatever crunchy veggies I had available,) and balsamic/cider vinegar, salt and pepper. I’d usually also have fruit with lunch. Snack time could be cucumbers and hummus, some mixed nuts and fruit, yogurt, something like that. Dinner was almost always a piece of protein (chicken, fish, pork,) and roasted veggies. A few times I’d have a half of a sweet potato to round things out a bit. The gist is, you know what you can have, and you have the power to group things any way you want, have extra if you need it, or skip things you aren’t hungry for (never meals, obvi.) I liked the flexibility. Oh- and I decided not to eat after dinner. Tea all the way. Did I mention all the coffee and water during the day? Lots of both. Maybe I had too much coffee…

Awww look how cute that last link is! And yes, I'll be making a new one for the next 14.
Awww look how cute that last link is! And yes, I’ll be making a new one for the next 14.

What’s next? The Restore Plan part of our program. It’s another 14 days with a basis in the STAT plan, allowing for a few more choices in the fruit department, whole grain department, and !even! 2 alcoholic drinks per week, if you should so choose. (So I was actually already ON the Restore Plan. Ha.) My goal is to stick very close to this one, measure everything accurately, and really up my exercise intake. I’ve been doing yoga or a gym cardio workout 4-5 days a week, but the cardio especially has been on the lazy side. I haven’t been able to connect to my gym here in Halifax. My real hope is that the weather will continue to improve so I can take things back outside. It’s hard to believe it was March last year when I was making my 6AM trips to the University of Michigan track.

So, that’s my scoop for now. Happy Daylight Savings Time. I’ve never met a group of people more willing to lose an hour of sleep for a little extra sunlight.


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