TV Smörgåsbord With Oscar Reviews, Scandal Bashing, and Bates Motel Previews

Well that was quite a week of TV, culminating in the 2014 Academy Awards, hosted by everyone’s favorite, Ellen DeGeneres. So, what did you think? I’m not sure if it was my throbbing headache, (which for a while I was sure was carbon monoxide, but then I decided on sinus infection,) but it felt slightly never-ending. And for as much as I love Ellen and her off-the-cuff schtick, at times it felt a little too much like she was killing time. Pizza was a cute idea, but carrying on about it for three extra transitions? Tad unnecessary. “Wow, she really committed to this one,” noted the hubs. I loved the selfie though. Brilliant, and the best kind of use of social media. Three million retweets can’t be wrong. I’d love your thoughts.

Review: Ellen Hosts the 2014 Oscars (Time) – You know I was a little happy that ‘American Hustle’ didn’t sweep. I’m eager to see the rest of the noms. Perhaps I’ll even watch ‘Les Miserables’, finally. But, probably not. Maybe next year.

Can we talk for a minute about ‘Scandal’? I was so, so excited for it to return. It was good, but I don’t know, it almost felt too forced to me. I’m sure almost no one agrees with me on that one, but it was the way we jumped back in like no time had passed, one snarky line after another… boom, bam, boom activity. It was too much. Like Olivia said at the end of the episode, and I agree, we are getting further and further away from Vermont. I, for one, would like more Vermont and less of the recycling of storyline (i.e. Jake, Pope and Grant exposed to media, and now Mellie has a secret affair.) Yawn.

Scandal’s “Ride, Sally, Ride” Review: Too Busy Being a Patriot ( – I like this because it’s not all gush. I’m being incredibly tough on Shonda these days, since I gave up on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘, but let’s just say, I agree with this review and hope we can move forward to less cyclical patterns in the eps ahead.

Tell me about it, Fitz. None of us want to go through that again.
Tell me about it, Fitz. None of us want to go through that again.

This week, we’ve got more of The Voice coming. I usually am pretty sloppy about taking in the first thousand episodes that occur for three nights each week in the beginning because it’s overkill. This time around, I was told of some local talent to watch for, so I got reeled in early. One was the mustache guy from Buffalo, Keith Shuskie, who unfortunately just missed the boat with his rendition of ‘Somewhere Only We Know.’ I thought he had real potential, with the stylings and range of Freddie Mercury. I hope to see him back doing, you guessed it, a Queen song! The other contestant is Kristen Merlin, who sang at both of the weddings of my dear friend’s children. That sounds confusing. I fake “know” her. I thought she sounded pretty good and am looking forward to seeing where Shakira will take her.

And then, I’m happy to note that ‘Bates Motel’ returns tonight for its second season on A&E. There was something so creepy and suspenseful about it last year that made it hard to turn away from. I believe I last left feeling like, ah. Mrs. Bates is the normal one. And, her older son is the best part of the show.

On the Set: Creepy Secrets Behind Bates Motel, Season 2 ( – Don’t read this if you want a fresh start tonight. It gives away a few itty bitty spoilers.



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