Oscars 2014 Musings (You’re Welcome)

Hey, guys. Here’s what’s been happening for me. I had a fun date night Saturday where I consumed some wine. I really had no regrets about it, but today I have been dragging my butt all over. I really thought I had outsmarted Dr. Travis Stork, but wine has the last laugh. I’ll try not to do that again in the near future.

Speaking of Dr. Stork, as of press time, I have lost 7 lbs. That’s right, basically a pound a day. I’ve stuck very closely to the STAT plan, and with the exception of the wine and a hot chocolate indulgence once during the week, I did well and feel even better. This second week of STAT, my plan is to get very exact with my measurements. Stay tuned next Sunday for a total debriefing.

Tonight- it’s OSCARS, baby! I didn’t make it to as many movies as I wanted. Who do you think will win? I know a few things. I know that Lupita N’yongo will likely blow us away with another fashion win. Jennifer Lawrence will do or say something adorable. Ellen will kill it. That’s all I can predict. Join me back here for some live tweeting… I’ll have the feed here, going strong or you can stop being lazy and sign up for your own Twitter account. See me @thedailysampler.

Let’s prepare.


How to Throw the Ultimate Oscars Party (ABC) – Okay, it’s a little late for this. If you haven’t already figured out your plans, think of your loneliest friend and call them up. Then throw a ridiculous party for the 2 of you and make sure there’s champagne.

Every Oscar Winning Dress Worn by a Leading Lady (Mashable) – I love this link and the chart that goes along with it. You can see all the fabulous fashion worn by every Oscar Award winning lead actress. Someone should turn this into a poster and give it to me for Christmas.

Oscar Predictions: Who Will Win, Who Should Win (Telegraph) – Everyone has an opinion. Without seeing all of the honorees, I can tell you American Hustle will sweep most categories and why? I’m not sure. I liked the movie just fine, but to me, it was like a less-interesting Oceans 11. Bradley Cooper plays the Bradley Cooper character he is in most movies. Christian Bale is.. well, he’s there. JLaw is my fav, but I don’t know if her character was really that important. I think someone should give Jeremy Renner an award, if anyone from that movie were to get one. There is my rant. Enjoy the show.



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