Happy Hour – Cleanin’ Out My Closet

Oh hey there. So, the other night, I was talking to my dad, and confessed to him that my blogging block is still upon us. Maybe I’m having coffee-induced ADD? No, that can’t be it. Anyways, he basically told me to take a step back from it, rejuvenate, and then cut the crap and keep writing. He’s a smart guy.

Now that we’ve had a pep talk, I’m going to reward you with a giant happy hour, cleaning house with all the fun links I’ve been holding on to. Salut!

The Best Bloody Marys in America (The Daily Meal) – Traveling? There’s no better way to start your road trip than with the perfect bloody mary. Just kidding. Don’t drink and drive.

Wines to Drink with Spicy Asian Cuisine (The Kitchn) – There’s an 87% chance you’ll be too lazy to cook at some point this weekend, and will grab Asian take out. See this before you pick up that phone. And for goodness sake, make sure they deliver.

The Perfect Pairing: Sweets and Spirits (The Daliy Meal) – One thing this clean eating project has brought on is a MAJOR CRAVING for chocolate and wine. Turns out, there are other viable candidates for boozey pairings as well, and I beg you to have one for me this weekend.

Spicy Drinks to Warm You Up from the Inside (Serious Eats) – There aren’t words for how terrible we all feel right now. This winter will go down as… well, I think the history books will allow profanity for this one. I guess the beauty of it is, we are in it together (except for California..and who cares about them?) Oh my God. I just looked out the window and saw a fresh blizzard has formed, just in time for me to leave the house. Fantastic. That settles it, I’m having a drink tonight.




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