14 Days to Results and Why Visualization is a Must

Remember the 14 day STAT plan? Yeah, the one I started many moons ago, that one. I’m restarting it again today, and here’s why. Life got in the way, which I am fully aware is a terrible excuse, but I’m going to allow myself this fresh start without feeling guilty, because life has been dealing out some pretty heavy stuff lately. Anyways, that starts today and I believe in it. It’s 14 days of very clean eating, without sugar or processed foods, and portioned meals and snacks. It’s truly the common sense eating style I’d like to incorporate into my normal routine. I had already gotten halfway through the plan when I began the first time, already seeing results of about a pound a day of weight loss. It may sound extreme, but again, just cleansing your body of the excess God-knows-what chemicals found in so many of the things we consume on a normal day,  (yes, I had chicken McNuggets once this month- a great example,) will likely get your weight loss started. I’ll try not to talk about it incessantly, and we’ll debrief on day 14.

photo 2

We see all kinds of inspirational quotes, pictures, and success stories online each day, and you’re either the kind of person that gets pumped up from it, sharing it on your own wall, or the person that gets annoyed, wishing those people would shut their mouths and leave you and your bag of chips in peace. I’m a mix of the two, but lately I’ve been finding myself participating in the inspired side, mostly on Pinterest… because I do think there’s a time and place for that!

What it comes down to is, what inspires you? Everyone is different, and I find that I need in-your-face, almost constant reminders to keep on keepin’ on. This is a little something I put together for my STAT plan weeks ago, actually the day before we ended up having to leave Halifax in a rush. Laugh if you’d like, but I used to be a teacher, and this method is surprisingly effective.

14 day countdown chain, complete with inspirational (they’re kind of lazy, actually) messages.

I’ve always loved a good countdown, and like an accomplished to-do list, I think the physical motion of actually checking things off (or in this case, ripping them to shreds and throwing them in the garbage,) makes you feel good. Here’s why visualization is an important thing.

How to Use Visualization to Achieve Your Goals (Huffington Post) – It’s important to see your results, and see what’s ahead in moments of weakness. It’s like seeing that finish line in the distance and knowing you just need to keep going. Just a little further…

Best Pinterest Boards for Fitness Inspiration (Shape) –  I think Pinterest is the best medium for collecting and creating an inspiration board, whether it’s a board for your wedding, your home, your pantry, or fitness. People also have the ability to unfollow that board, should you get a little overzealous with the pinning. Wink. I also am in favor of a good, old-fashioned poster board filled with visuals that inspire you, if you’re more of the hands-on type. Go make one. If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine! Double wink.


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