A Fitness Wake-Up Call For Women

This article has been floating around social media the last few days, and I LOVE it.

1200 Calories (Sophieologie) – I admit, like the majority of women, I am obsessed with the idea of losing weight, getting “toned” and “in shape”, and cutting calories whenever possible because, well duh- it’s going straight to my butt. That’s what we’ve been taught, and that’s science, right? The more calories you eat and the less you move, the worse your body will be, correct? That’s just not the whole story. As someone who has been surrounded by Weight Watchers and other weight-loss products and plans her entire life, I consider myself to be very educated about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, (even if I have been unable to make it work for me for the last few years.) Turns out, NEWSFLASH: I’m not quite as informed as I’ve been led to believe. It’s time that we take a different approach to fitness, ladies, and I’m right there with you. A re-education, if you will.

This image is fascinating. Would you be mad, gaining more than 10 lbs of muscle if this was the end result? (PS this could be fake, but it's still worth a brainstorm.)
This image is fascinating. Would you be mad, gaining more than 10 lbs of muscle if this was the end result? (PS this could be fake, but it’s still worth a brainstorm.)

Fitness 101: A Guide to the Weightlifting Room (Cody Blog) – Also written by the same impassioned author, this post is a complete guide to the ever-intimidating weight room. Like many women, I am admittedly intimidated of setting foot in the “men’s” weight room, at any gym. It’s incredibly stupid, when you think about it, but here’s what makes me nervous, regardless of the size of the gym:

  • Being gawked at. There is no better way to feel self-conscious than by having some sweaty meat-head ogle you. Take note guys, single or not, we do not really want to talk to you at this moment. Leave your number in our locker cubby.
  • Doing it wrong. Even though I consider myself, again, an “educated” weight machine/free weights lady, I’m really not all that familiar with many of the scarier looking machines that fill up most weight rooms. I don’t want to look stupid, and even more, I don’t want to be confronted by some strange guy telling me how to do it “right”.
  • The “you don’t belong in here” stare. Sometimes it’s perceived, but many times, it’s a reality. As a woman, you walk into the weight room, and especially if you’re not yet in super cut, great shape, you get the “why don’t you go to the women’s area” look. It’s a real thing, don’t get it twisted. Also, knock it off.

I know I’m not alone. If we could A) embrace our right to be a fixture in any weight room and B) overcome our fear of doing so, women could begin to take back their power and move confidently in the direction of total fitness, and muscle acceptance.


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