The In-Between: Woes of Being a Road Warrior

Good morning, sunshines. You’re all the sunshine we’ve got today. Is this not the most miserable winter you have ever endured? We are back in Buffalo and looking at another blast of lake-fueled snow. It’ll be cute if we don’t actually return to Halifax on Friday night. After 3 weeks, what’s another few days? #whocares

I don’t mean to sound so blasé. As I woke up this morning, about 3 hours ahead of schedule, I wondered to myself, how do people with a consistently changing schedule ever achieve routine normalcy? How do they ever achieve a great, satisfying, body-healing sleep? How do they not settle for McNuggets on the road when hungry, cranky, and desperate for anything resembling food? I have not found the answer to these questions, and it’s getting to be more than frustrating. There are just a few things I want these days: 8 hours of sleep, a clean diet, and 5 days-a-week workout plan. A desire to write a daily blog, would be great, too. Why is that so hard?

Let’s look to the experts, aka, other people who are always on the road, or have an always-changing schedule. Please help!

Maintaining Your Wellness Routine on the Road (WellWellWell) – This is kind of your basic outline from a travel and wellness expert (how’s that for a superior combination?)

Keys to Beauty, Travel Tips, and Jet Lag From a Travel Pro (Blogs.WSJ) – This slips you a little more about cross-Pacific travel than you probably need, but it sure makes me feel like my Halifax to Detroit to Buffalo to Toronto to Halifax loops seem like less of a big deal.

Healthy, Homemade Snacks for the Road (Huffington Post) – A glass of wine and a burger at the airport? Sure, traveling is stressful enough. I think we’re about to pass an Arby’s… aren’t you starving? These are among some of the conversations had while traveling and although I never will be able to give up the pre-flight wine, I can definitely try harder to be prepared with healthier snacks.

How to Achieve Peace While Traveling (NYTimes) – Though many travel just to seek peace, most of us travel for other reasons like work or because you accidentally found yourself living in the Maritimes. Finding peace while out of a routine is not easy (ask my racing heart and mind.) Practice, practice, practice!

Not quite the road warrior I had in mind, but the one I end up looking like, most of the time. At least he has a dog.
Not quite the road warrior I had in mind, but the one I end up looking like, most of the time. At least he has a dog.

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