Easing Back in with Walhburgers, Hot Olympians, and More Food Fixes

I have really not been keeping up my end of the bargain here at The Daily Sampler. This is actually the longest I’ve gone without writing consistently, and I’m feeling the guilt. We’re just about to wrap up our two week stay in Michigan, spend a few days in Buffalo, and then it’s back up to Halifax for the final countdown. 6-8 more weeks and we’re out. This has been one of the weirdest years of my life.

So.. as I write this, an episode of Wahlburgers just came on… and now I’m back to not really being interested in writing. Also, family dinner ahead. That leaves us without a lot of time.


A&E Wants More ‘Wahlburgers’ (Entertainment Weekly) – What is Wahlburgers, you ask? I asked the same thing, but it’s only because I live under a rock (the rock is Canada.) Mark Walhberg + Donnie Wahlberg + their older brother whose name I can’t seem to remember, + restaurant on TV = Wahlburgers. I am watching my first episode as I type, and so far, it’s not quite as good as ‘Fear’, but I still have faith.

Best and Worst Foods for Sleep (Fitness Magazine) – There is something about staying in the woods in the middle of mid-Michigan that messes up my sleep rhythm, and makes me feel generally poopy. There is a good chance it might also have something to do with the 8 and 9PM dinner times. We’re just pretending to be European or something. Sure.

Hottest Male Olympians (Glamour) – You knew I was going to go there. I’ve only watched about 35 minutes total of the Olympics, an all-time low for me. There’s still plenty of time to get invested, and hopefully this will help you and I do just that. Let’s start the chant. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Surprising Foods That’ll Get You in the Mood (Bon Appetit) – We’ve talked food, we’ve talked sleep, we’ve talked burgers. Let’s talk about food that makes you feel sexy, because Valentine’s Day should last a lot longer than one night. Are we stretch a bit tonight? Yes, but practice makes perfect. I fully expect the flow to return by week’s end. Winks and smiles all around.



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