The In-Between: The Terrible Three

*This post was meant to be for yesterday. Then, I decided to see The Wolf of Wall Street and my night was gone. I actually found it pretty amusing and, (a lot of people won’t like this,) maybe even a slightly better movie than American Hustle? The more I think about it, the more I thought it was a decent, but overrated movie. Anyways, you can go on reading but also know I partook in some M&Ms and the movies, and 1- they tasted weird/too sweet, 2- they gave me a stomach ache! So, that’s something.*

Time for another discussion about.. you love it… health. Healthy living got pushed way to the back burner over the last week and a half, and as you know, people show love and support during tough times by showering friends and family with food. I’ve been surrounded by my sweet favorites: cookies, cakes, and pies. Just like that, the small rebound I had accomplished after the holidays was gone. I know I’ve mentioned before that I eat my emotions, so yeah. Emotions everywhere, cookies everywhere; things weren’t going well. Now, with just three days under my belt, a cleaned up diet and some gym time, I’m feeling a ton better.

Since the new year started, I’ve found myself endlessly interested in food, the role food plays in health. I’m not even talking about weight loss, though that’s important too, but more so what we’re putting into our bodies and how it’s effecting our overall health. After a lot of reading and many discussions, I feel convinced that wheat is something that when indulged frequently, will wreak havoc on your body, your skin, and perhaps even your long-term health. I’ve also decided there is no reason for sugar to exist on Earth, except for the indulgence factor. I can sense chefs and foodies everywhere lifting a certain finger at me right now. Let me say- if one is to have a dessert, a treat made with actual sugar is definitely the way to go. My exploration of artificial sweeteners has brought to attention all of the scary outcomes associated with fake sugar. Only time and research will tell us more about that, but I plan to be in the group that acted before official bad news was passed on to the public.

That sounds tough, I realize. No wheat (because it’s been radically regurgitated into something questionable,) no sugar (because it’s the devil,) and no artificial sweeteners (because essentially, it’s poison.) What’s even left? I’m slowly learning about life might look like without the terrible three. You’ll see a lot more about my experimentation and surely, struggles in the weeks ahead.

Why Wheat is Ruining Your Life (Mind Body Green) – An interview with the author of Wheat Belly, which I have yet to read. I’ve mentioned before how skeptical I am when some new diet is posed to the public, or when people get really political and are all fired about about Monsanto, etc. I still think this would be an interesting read just because of the science behind the molecular rebuilding of wheat over the past few decades.

Beat Your Sugar Addiction (body+soul) – The Australians, try as they might, are in the same trouble we are. Their population of overweight and type 2 diabetes sufferers are on the upswing, and they too, are coming to the conclusion that sugar is poison, has no nutritional value, and potentially the gateway for cancer and other diseases.

Rick Foster: My Year Off Sugar (Huffington Post) – A real man’s story about giving up sugar for a year, and what he learned about himself and his body. I love how honest he is, how he “cheated” twice (which lead to instantaneous physical pain,) and how he has NO intention of going back. Fascinating, for sure.

Or as the cool kids say, "Di-ah-beet-uhs."
Or as the cool kids say, “Di-ah-beet-uhs.”

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