Returning With a Farewell to Leno, a Top Chef Rant, and More Yogurt Than You Ever Needed

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaaaack. That was from that one Mase song, not the Welcome Back Cotter theme song. I wanted to specify. This week has been really hard, and I’ve had so many mixed emotions. Part of me wants to write (I miss you,) and part of me just doesn’t want to do anything. Writing about trivial things when life has been altered forever is super weird, but I guess that’s the part where they say life has to go on. And as bizarre as it feels, I do want to talk about some trivial BS because it feels normal, and maybe even borderline entertaining and funny. Laughing is great therapy. This one’s for you, PJH.


Is This the Farewell Leno Deserves? (USAToday) – As I write this, Jay Leno’s final episode is airing. Are we watching? Heck no. I have to be extremely in love with a guest to tune into that nonsense. However, it’s the end of an era, and this article points out Jay’s exit has been downgraded to a placeholder between the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics. They really know how to muck things up over at NBC.

‘Biggest Loser’ Sparks Debate Over Winner Rachel Frederickson’s Weight Loss (NYDailyNews) – I don’t watch the Biggest Loser, because I’m busy watching food based shows and eating bon-bons. But, there was a big Internet spaz over this girl’s final weight. She lost a LOT, and maybe it was too much. Still, those people put on at a minimum 10-15 lbs. after the show ends, so chill. The best part was the faces on Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper.



Top Chef NOLA Season Finale Part 2 (The Food and Wine Hedonist) – I was and still am disturbingly upset about last night’s Top Chef New Orleans finale. I’m sure it’s because I’m diving head first into escapism, but I (and most of Twitter) felt ***SPOILER ALERT************************** that Nina was robbed of the title. It seems to me that she was the more talented, definitely more consistent chef through the entire season. Even when she didn’t win challenges, she was usually at the top or one of the favorites. Nicholas, however, seemed to scrape by a lot, had an issue with Carlos (potentially an editing caper,) and acted like a big jackass several times when acting as executive chef. I don’t care if your waitstaff isn’t getting it together, you don’t treat people like that. Anyways, all that ranting aside, I must present a recap with another perspective from my friend, FWH. What do you think?

Sweet and Savory Yogurt Recipes (Bon Appetit) – From homemade yogurts to yogurt cakes to savory shallot yogurt, there is so much more you can do aside from your daily berry parfait. Other than the splash of milk in my coffee, a nice greek yogurt is my main dairy source for the day, and I say the more ideas, the merrier!


4 thoughts on “Returning With a Farewell to Leno, a Top Chef Rant, and More Yogurt Than You Ever Needed

  1. thefoodandwinehedonist says:

    A lot have talked about how Nina was consistently better all year and how that should count more than being most improved or peaking. But I think it’s kinda like the Patriots a few years ago. They were undefeated all year but lost in the Super Bowl. The giants were clearly the champs.

    1. The Daily Sampler says:

      How dare you say the P word without my permission on this blog. 😉 It’s just hard to know that for a long while, Nicholas got by on being somewhere in the middle, and even had some doozies where he should have maybe been the one to pack his knives and go. This is not the first time I think TC has gotten it wrong. I’ve watched every season since #3.. and I just think, in the final show, when the final meal presentations are that close in quality, you have to look back and see who was the overall better chef the entire time. I don’t think the answer to that was Nicholas. But, it doesn’t matter. They’ll both be successful either way. (And as Stephen put it eloquently on Twitter yesterday, he doesn’t give an F that he didn’t win.. he has 7 restaurants haha.)

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