Happy Hour – Breakfast Beer

It’s Friday! That makes me really happy for you. It means a little less to me, but I still think we should celebrate. I don’t have much to contribute to this particular weekend, but let me share a positive note from one of my new year success stories. On the drive from Toronto to Michigan a week ago (can’t believe it’s been a week already,) I knew I’d need a caffeine boost for the 4 hour drive, getting in around 2AM. Stopped, ordered an iced coffee (for extra oomph,) with MILK ONLY. The Tim Horton’s people gave me Splenda. I was pissed. Confession: I took 2 sips. One sip of shock, the second sip to confirm what I realized: I didn’t like it. It tasted too sweet. Hubs insisted we stop at another Tim’s to replace my coffee with a more drinkable one to keep up my resolution. How’s that for support? So the great news is, about 5 weeks after giving up my sweet Splenda, I no longer miss it or even really want it. That makes me happy.

Okay, now for all you normal working people, let’s get ready for the weekend, bright and early.

11 Beers Made With Breakfast Foods (Huffington Post) – Bacon? Yes. Oats? Sure. Coffee? Anytime. What’s not to like? Start early, and I bet your day will be superb.

Beer + breakfast. I see no issues here.
Beer + breakfast. I see no issues here.

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