Full House and Food Tricks

Friends, I’m late tonight. That’s because I decided to finally make a date at The Clay Cafe, the fun pottery painting place down the street from me that I’ve been dying to go to since I got to Halifax. I am the worst artist in the world, but there is something about painting that’s so therapeutic, and relaxing, and just makes me feel good. Plus, I get a giant coffee mug out of the deal and will no longer have to drink solely out of a travel mug. The mugs at this house just don’t cut it for my caffeine addiction. Speaking of addiction, we also had some gourmet cheesecake. Let’s not talk about it.


‘Full House’ Dads Soothe Jimmy Fallon to Sleep (Rolling Stone) – I am constantly regretting our decision to stop recording Jimmy Fallon simply because we couldn’t keep up with it when we did. Now, I’m missing all the best stuff. I won’t make the same mistake when he debuts on the Tonight Show, in just a few weeks!

10 Healthy Food Substitutions Every Cook Should Know (Hello Giggles) – These are great for your brain reserve, but I do have a bone to pick with all the cauliflower creations out there. I love cauliflower. Give it to me cooked, breaded, fried, or in a soup, and I am a happy girl. However, recently I’ve tried cauliflower crust pizza and a cauliflower puree in the style of potatoes and was not that impressed with either. The texture and flavor was.. well, too cauliflower-y for what my tongue wanted to taste. Maybe I’m just being picky…?

Mad Genius Food Tips (Food and Wine) – How to peel a hard boiled egg with a spoon? Sign me up! Peel a soft boiled egg with a spool though, and you’ve got me loyal for life. I always manage to crush those and then try not to cry.

Cantaloupe-Lime Smoothie, Refreshing and Low Cal (The Daily Meal) – There is no point to me sharing this except that it looks sooooo refreshing and summery, and summery is what we all need a little more of right now. Why is winter so long?

This looks a lot more like vacation that say, a Royal Caribbean cruise.
This looks a lot more like vacation that say, a Royal Caribbean cruise.

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