The In-Between : The Bad Habit Breaking Challenge

Hey guys. Another day, another snow storm. I know you join me in saying, ENOUGH ALREADY. It’s not even February yet. MISERY.

Can you tell I need a winter life boost? One thing I can feel good about, is that today is January 29th, which means, I passed the, “it takes 28 days to break a bad habit” mark. This month’s challenge? Splenda. I talked before about how I wanted to get off my favorite coffee sweetener because it’s straight chemicals, and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy. In fact, I still think about it. I wonder how many days it takes to not think about how nicely it used to flavor my coffee? It’s still an active choice I must make, daily.

As little a change as it may seem, having success with the get-off-artificial sweeteners plan made me feel pretty good. It got me thinking about how maybe if I focused on eliminating one bad habit a month, I’d be down 12 bad habits by December. What better way to get your mind off winter than by thinking about winter next year? So, January was Splenda. February will be… social media.

Do not freak out. I cannot live without my social media fix. I need it for my blog’s livelihood, connecting with people all over the world, and now, for my re-blossoming job hunt. I don’t need it, however, the first 30 minutes of the day, and the last 30 minutes of the day. I read an article that said it helps in big ways to eliminate anxiety, be more in the moment, and help you get to sleep (which we all know I need in a big way.)  I HIGHLY suggest you join me. What bad habit will you eliminate this month?

How to Wake Up Every Morning on Top of the World ( – Several pieces of good advice for my weakest time, morning. Morning can be a real SOB if you don’t do it right…

How to Break a Bad Habit…and Replace with a Good Habit (Huffington Post) – This is the greatest because not only does it suggest positive things to fill your old bad habit spot with, but it gives lots of practical ideas about how to support your new challenge. One day at a time, and soon enough your new good habit becomes routine!

7 Little Habits that will Change Your Life (ZenHabits) – In case you need some ideas to get you started. And you thought you were perfect! Haaa wink.



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