Push Ahead Monday with Massage-Like Yoga and Healthy Comfort Food

What a weekend! I was a little too busy to post, showing the little bro around town. Having visitors is the best. It’s hard not to feel sad when it’s over.

So, yet again, it’s time to gear up for life. One thing I love about the youngest member of my family is how he’s wise beyond his years and always gives good advice. Thanks to that, I’m reminded of my priorities for the next 4-6 months. Love, health, fitness, and peace. One thing at a time. He also got the “disinterest in food” gene. I’m still not sure he’s actually a blood relative.

As annoying as it might feel on a rainy Monday.. we’ve gotta push ahead. It’s another one of those fake-it-tip-you-make-its.


4 Yoga Poses That Will Give you a Complete Spine Stretch (Mind Body Green) – I have yet to find an ideal massage arrangement in Halifax, but until I find one, going to you is working out just fine. I leave there feeling like I’ve had a full body treatment. And this is coming from a girl with before-her-time back issues. It’s been pretty close to a miracle for me, and often the only thing that will get me out of bed in the morning.

How to Make a 3rd ‘Sex and the City’ Movie Worth Watching (Hello Giggles) – I LOVED the first movie. There was something about it that felt like it really was a continuation of the series, and after 4 years or whatever it was, it was so good to see the ladies back together again. I mean, I even bought the DVD. That’s a rarity. Then came the second movie. My God, it was nearly unwatchable for me- mostly because of the terrible writing, the overly-used cliches, and what felt like an abandoning of who the characters really were. If there is a 3rd, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was, I sure hope they go back to the original idea of what SATC represented to so many women.

Healthy Comfort Food Board (The Kitchn on Pinterest) – I am guilty of clicking on things when they look pretty, that’s why I love Pinterest. Here’s a board from the peeps at The Kitchn… comfort food doesn’t HAVE to be unhealthy!

Why Life is Better Without Booze (Mind Body Green) – Before you get all pissed at me, I just want to remind you that especially as you get older, man…that next day is soooo ruined. I have cut back quite a bit on my Canadian imbibing (due almost solely to cost of consumption,) so when I partook heavily this weekend, I was smacked in the face with a painful hangover. I just felt rundown after that. Although my fun times are done for now, it’s good to remember what’s great about not waking up with a hangover.

One benefit.. no face tattoo regret.
One benefit.. no face tattoo regret.

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