Small Plate of Riddance (Comma,) Good

I really didn’t want to mention it, but I feel like it’s my responsibility as an oft-times pop culture blog. Bieber, arrested. Less than a week since we discussed this, eh? In some cases, I think, better for the person in trouble, so maybe they can get the help they need or straighten out their lives. In this case, all I can say is good riddance! I would love to see him serve a few days in jail, though it’s highly doubtful. I’m not sure what the Miami prison scene is like, but if it’s anything like LA, he’ll be out in a matter of hours. Speaking of getting out, did you see what JB did when he was released from his holding cell? Yeah, he pulled a Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Arraigned on Child Molestation Charges



Oh boy. Welp, I’ll just share this little small plate with you because my appetite for sampling is gone now. Also, I spent all day preparing for the arrival of my little bro tomorrow. I am beyond excited we’re getting a visitor. We’ll either have the best time ever, or, as he suggested, I’ll just be making sandwiches for him and hubs while they play Xbox all weekend. So, just like my normal life.


23 Things That Are Better Than Justin Bieber (Buzzfeed) – Sorry, Canada. I really believe you aren’t proud of this one. I’ll even help get this list started.. Dan Aykroyd, Rachel McAdams, Jason Priestly, Jim Carrey, Pam Anderson, Ryan Gosling (you guys should really promote this one more), Shatner… and that’s just a few other famous Canadians that are better than JB. Read on.


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