The In-Between: Progress + Moderation + Balance = Success?

Yes, I’m on the couch with a blanket and no, I haven’t put on real clothes yet. One cool thing that did happen was that in 4 short days on the STAT plan, I’ve lost four lbs. Not a bad start, and that’s including dark chocolate indulgences (70% cocoa, of course.) I had to do a status check today, because I got fantastic news that might weaken my resolve a bit. Little brosef is coming to visit this weekend, and as he will likely be the only visitor we get while in Halifax, celebratory drinking seem apropos. How does one carry on down a path to success, while still enjoying special occasions? That’s something I’ve never been great at. This is where my all-or-nothing mentality needs to be downplayed. Must do some planning.

The Beauty of the Cheat Meal ( – The problem I’ve always had with “the cheat meal” is stopping after the meal is over. One big part of any smart eating plan is portion control, moderation, and never giving up…even when it feels like you’ve done wrong. A big challenge for me will be allowing the indulgences, in a controlled manner, and moving on afterwards. My first big test may be this weekend…

Does Diet Pop Make You Gain Even More Weight? (DailyMail) – Pop or soda…whatever you call it, is the DEVIL. There is nothing at all positive about it, no nutritional benefits, and even an artificially sweetened diet beverage will fool you into thinking you’re making a better choice. That is all false. Pop is not my problem. I admit, if I’m having a glass, my tastes have adjusted so that I only prefer diet cokes, but typically I steer completely clear. I am very, very proud to say, I have not indulged in Splenda or artificial sweetener since before January 1st. I can’t wait to be completely free of the habit. Anyways, this article sheds more light on how diet pop/fake sugar is actually making your life worse.

Diet-Friendly Alcohol Chart (Sparkpeople) – Obviously, the less you imbibe while on a weight-loss plan, the quicker you’re going to lose. However, if you have to drink because of peer pressure or having one visitor a year, this post will help you make a better decision.

Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate vs. White Chocolate (FitDay) – Great news, dark chocolate is GOOD for you. Just make sure it’s the right size, and the right percentage. I just tried 70% cocoa for the first time, and no shocker, loved it. Can we just get this out of the way now- white chocolate is NOT real chocolate. Blech. Read up and start broadening your horizons.. you won’t be sorry.

Choose wisely..
Choose wisely..

3 thoughts on “The In-Between: Progress + Moderation + Balance = Success?

  1. High five on refraining from artificial sweeteners! I stopped my Splenda habit a couple years back, stopped drinking diet soda (and all soda) last year… now just working on cutting out gum with artificial sweeteners. 🙂

    1. Ah, gum. I never even think about that one. That can be next year’s project! Hey how long did it take for you not to want sweetener in your coffee? I still have to make the conscious decision not to Splenda up every time!

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