The Spoiled Sizzurp Addict, Snow Crafts, and Flying First Class for Free

There’s a new druggie in town, and it’s Justin Bieber. I’m only bringing this up because TMZ was pretty worried about it yesterday, and I’m trying to up the amount of traffic I get for people searching for blogs about Sizzurp. I get at least five Sizzurp searches per week. Now I’ll probably get at least seven, plus the people that are looking up Bieber. It’s a recipe for success.

Well, I am about to endure my second blizzard of Winter 2014. That seems like a lot. I have yet to experience the way Halifax deals with snow and snow removal. I have pretty high expectations, don’t blow it, HRM. That also likely means I’ll be stuck indoors all day tomorrow. I need to find a hobby other than Netflix, and I’ve already made something in a Crockpot. Research must be done. See below.


Justin Bieber Abusing Drugs, Including Sizzurp (TMZ) – Much like our good friend, Lil Wayne, Justin has a bit of a Sizzurp problem. I don’t really have a lot to say about this, other than, I don’t think Justin has “deep-seated issues,” like some people have claimed, just because he’s a child star or whatever. I think he is a spoiled brat who was coddled, and now rich and famous, thus addicted to drugs and no one will tell him no. That’s the diagnosis of a former teacher. I’m feisty today.

31 Insanely Easy and Clever DIY Projects (Buzzfeed) – Ha. Well, I always will keep trying to make myself like things that I don’t, like running and crafts, because we live in the world of Pinterest. The Sharpie Mug project went.. well, it went. I would call it a near-fail, because despite the oil-based Sharpies that were recommended, the double baking sessions, and the coats of sealant, my Sharpie mugs were just barely usable. If you want to keep trying, more power to ya, and more power to you for doing one of these projects while you’re stuck at home during the latest end-of-world weather event. I might even..

The Next Cocktail Mixer is…Kale. (Food Network Blog) – Say it ain’t so. Kale has invaded our salads, our smoothies, and now our cocktails? Where will it end? We should start some kind of petition against such injustice. Give me a ginger ale and call it a day already.

I have a pretty strong feeling this will send you to the bathroom for more than one reason.

How to Fly First Class Without Paying For It (Lifehacker) – I’m a firm believer that flying should be more like the swank experience it was of yesteryear, instead of being crammed into a barely-breathable space, surrounded by dirty surfaces and dirty people, with no leg room, over-charged for each bag, and just hoping you’ll land at the correct airport without the pilot falling asleep. I think I might even be less afraid if I had a complimentary drink in my hand, and room to stretch my swelling-prone ankle. First class should become standard for all flyers, don’t you agree?


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