Up Early With a Super Bowl Breakdown, Brussels Sprouts Obsession, and SAG Fashion

As promised, I was up and at ’em at 7AM, for 8 o’clock yoga class. I was also up at 3:30, 5:30, and 6:45. One of the things I’m real excited for is a better sleep, which is promised to those with a regular exercise schedule, right? I’m hanging on for that alone.

On the docket for today: freshening up the produce selection, throwing together some chili, and doing a real-deal first round meditation session at some point. I stink at meditation, no matter how much I want to be good at it. I think that may also directly connect to my wandering, insomniac mind and perhaps even linked to the terrifying dreams I’ve been having. It’s either that or the Saltines I had before bed. I’ll let you know how it goes.

For now, there’s tons of goodies to share to get you through this Monday. Stay Friday-minded, ya’ll.


Superbowl Matchup: Broncos vs. Seahawks (NFL.com) – I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of the AFC Championship game. It. Felt. Good. Sorry if you’re a Patriots fan. You’ve had your chance, and surely, you’ll have more chances in the future. This year is all about Mr. Manning, and I look forward to him sealing the deal. The question is.. will that then become his last game, if the Broncos win? Time will tell. You may also notice I’m not even going to waste time discussing the Sherman situation. His ego got the best of him- a total first for professional football players, I know. (heh.)

17 Out-of-the-Box Brussels Sprouts Recipes (Bon Appetit) – Guyssss. I can’t stop with the Brussels. I have to go out of my way not to buy them every time I shop, because I’m the only one living here that is so excited to eat them. Maybe it’s because my Mom refused to feed them to us as children. I’m a rebel like that.

Top Under-the-Radar Towns with Great Food (The Daily Meal) – Hubs and I realize that the majority of our trips revolve around work (his) and/or our families, since we’re always jonesing to see people; the downside of high adventure. In an effort to not have all our trips be to either Michigan or New York, we started researching fun getaways just for us, right here in North America. I mean, that’s only if we can’t find an amazing deal on a tropical paradise. That’s always going to be my top choice.

Best Dressed at the SAG Awards (EOnline) – I didn’t watch the SAGs and I’m not even really sure what went down there, but I did see some of the red carpet. God bless my girl Kerry Washington for rocking the two-piece crop top with a baby bump, but I just wasn’t a fan. That Lupita Nyong’o just keeps nailing it. She looked stunning in electric baby blue. Look at these and let me know if you think the E! crew did a good job.

Two fashion hits in a row. JLaw can't believe it either.
Two fashion hits in a row. JLaw can’t believe it either.

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