The In-Between: Happy Half Birthday to Me – Now We Face the Music

This is it, my call to action. Six whole months to do what I want, and what I want is this:

  • To drop some major lbs. My body can’t handle it, and frankly, neither can my mind. I believe I will robotically shut down, Y2K style, on the morning of my 30th birthday if I wake up as I am now. It took several years of not taking care of myself to put it on, it may take longer than six months to take it off, but any progress is a great start.
  • To clear my mind. It’s not an easy task, because I have a mind that is ALWAYS ready to go. I’m going to work on shaping that mind energy, if you will, to positive thoughts and a lot more quiet time.
  • Being here, right now. Sure, 30 is around the corner along with a lot of new chapter elements I’m super excited about, but I’m right here, right now. Six months ago? I was living in Italy. Now.. I’m in Nova friggin’ Scotia with the person I love most in the world. Life is crazy and good.

That’s it. I mean, there are plenty of smaller projects I’d like to be working on during the journey, but those are my three main focal points. What does this mean for you? A lot more Samplers with the theme of changing your life, and changing your mind. I don’t know many people that are totally happy where they’re at right now, whether it’s physically or mentally. I’d love it if you join me documenting the next six months because I’m gonna be real. Then we’ll have a party on July 19th, so put it in your calendar.


The STAT Plan, and the Doctor’s Diet (Examiner) – I semi-poked fun at this guy and this book a few weeks ago, but I’m here with my tail between my legs, telling you that I’m buying what he’s selling. I downloaded The Doctor’s Diet book, and despite my feelings for Dr. Travis Stork, the book makes sense, and it’s a whole lot of easy, logical, and attainable ideas. I like that it starts out with a 14 day STAT plan, as in, you need to start this STAT. I’ll be working from this plan for the next 14 days, and what I’m looking forward to is the idea that within those days, many people saw major results, like up to 15 lbs in two weeks. There’s no magic here, it’s just a reintroduction to healthy, whole foods, with actual portion control. I dabbled with it before I left Buffalo, and I’ll admit, I forgot what an actual CUP of something looks like in a bowl, versus what I imagine a cup of something looks like in a bowl. Hello!

Why Sugar Makes Us Feel So Good (NPR) – I am really interested in food. No, not like the way I usually am, but the science behind what we eat, what ingredients are making up the things we ingest, and how food has changed over the last 50 years. We are all addicted to sugar in some form. I know that’s so true for me, to the point where some days, I actually wonder if this is what it feels like to have a serious crack addiction or something. I’m not being funny here, mean it. For instance, let’s say you do have a drug addiction. If you’re lucky enough to be at a place where you’re ready to seek help and have the support to do so, you can enter rehab and work towards a drug-free existence. When food is your drug, you can never be free of it, never keep it out of your home, and rarely avoid it in social and familial situations. At least now with research to back it, we can see the benefits of setting up a lifestyle and household where sugar is not part of the equation.

Thirsty? Inhale some sugar.
Thirsty? Inhale some sugar.

Cameron Diaz Body Book Gives Actual Good Advice (Huffington Post) – When I first heard Cameron Diaz of all people put out a “body” and “diet” book, I rolled my eyes HEARTILY. Shut up, you skinny bitch! I have not read this book, but I’ve read a lot of press on it, and I’m sorry to say, I do find some of it interesting. According to what I’ve read, Cameron smartly acknowledges that she is visually the last person that people want to hear preaching about health because she never physically had weight problems. But she does say that in her younger life, she ate complete garbage, every single day, and her body did revolt in other ways. Maybe I relate so much because I have physically felt the difference inside when I’m eating clean, and the awful things I’ve dealt with like adult acne started to clear up. More on that acne thing later. I might give Cammie a chance and let her preach to me.

LoveLoft: Forget About Ryan Gosling, Swoon Over Yourself. ( – And now for our mental health.. a little from Lizzie Beadon. I’m just getting to know her website, but she’s a believer and a practitioner of changing your life by changing the way you look at things and think about things. As much as I can read about this, the better. I want you to know that my natural response to things like this is to be extremely sarcastic and annoyed. Positive preaching often turns me off to being more positive. Ultimately, I know life can be heaps better when you’re feeling and projecting positive vibes, so there’s another habit I’ll be working to change. Think happy thoughts!


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