Starting Your Day At Noon With PB Cup Banana Bread and Funny GIFs

At least half this week I started off on the post-10AM side of things. I am choosing not to feel bad about that, after a full Christmas month of few Zzzz’s and plentiful dark eye circles. This week, I’ll be up by say, 8AM everyday. Don’t believe? Follow me on Twitter and check on @thedailysampler. Mostly, I can hear you cursing me for not having a reason to be up by 8AM, and to that I say, hey Halifax- I’m looking for a gig. Let’s make it happen!

Also in the week ahead, there will be lots of prepping, planning, mind-changing, and achieving. As I mentioned and will continue to mention in fear, tomorrow is the big 6-month mark before my 30th birthday. It seems to me that this space has cleared itself up nice and pretty in my life so I can focus on these projects. It’ll be sooooo fun. If you think I’m annoying now, just wait until I get my shit together and then am super annoying about that.


The Best Time of Year to Get the Best Prices on Clothes (Who What Wear) – Are you spending too much on clothes? I already know, if you live in Canada especially, the answer is YES. This cheat sheet gives the best times of year to buy the most crucial pieces of clothing. Shop on, bargain hunters!

Superfoods as Smoothie Add-Ins (The Daily Meal) – I am just recently the last person on Earth to get into smoothies. In the past, I’ve found them to be A) not that healthy, and B) too much work in the morning. I hate cleaning small appliances! For my new plan, a cup of frozen berries and some low fat milk pretty much does the trick and I like it. Throw in a few of these extra ingredients and it almost makes cleaning the blender worthwhile.

The 21 Best GIFs of All Time, Volume 27 (FunnyOrDie) – Perfect for a Saturday laugh. If you don’t need a Saturday laugh, bookmark it and save it for Monday.

Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread (Better Recipes) – Because this is my “last post of the first half of my 29th year,” I just wanted to post a super baddy recipe, like this one that pretty much sums up everything I’ve been craving this week: bread, bananas, chocolate, peanut butter. Done.

Candy + bread = we’re all gonna die sometime.

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