Happy Hour – Skinny Girl (and Guy) Cocktail Recipes

Friday, Friday, Friiiiidayyyyyy. I am proud to say I’ve never once heard that entire song. What ever happened to the Friday song girl? I hope she’s doing well.

This week, I eased back in to Maritime life (and am still easing.) Sunday, however… Sunday is the 6 month mark until my 30th birthday. That is….. I want to say scary, but I’m trying hard to think differently about it. I have 6 months to officially change my mind, and accomplish all the things I want for myself before that day arrives. Even though maybe I should, there’s little chance I’ll give up my occasional cocktail, and whenever possible, I’ll be lightening it up. If you’re on the verge of 30, or just about to give up on all your 2014 resolutions, peruse these recipes first. Yes we can.

Fabulous Cocktails Under 220 Calories (Health.com) – Of course, these days, you can go out and buy one of those Skinnygirl cocktail bottles but then A) you’re accidentally supporting Bethenny Frankel, and B) you miss out on the joy of concocting your own creation, which will surely taste better. Funny enough, B.F. is the one giving these recommendations, so maybe she knows her stuff. The girl doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her body.. in a creepy/not hot way. Shhh don’t think about it.

I’ve actually tried a few, and they aren’t bad. That’s hard for me to admit.

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