Why the Oscar Noms Will Make You Cry, but at Least You’ll Be Wearing the Right Lipstick

I’ve got lots of touchy-feelies coming up for you, so to try and break that up a little, let’s get some random sampling done, starting with, Oscar nominations 2014. Some people are pissssssed about who was nominated, who wasn’t, and how Jordan Catalano even got invited to the party.


Oscar Nominees 2014: Full List (CNN) – Here is the entire round-up. Read em and weep, then I want to know your thoughts on the whole situation. I am not able to make judgements yet… but hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have seen at least 3 of the contenders. I feel like Gravity couldn’t have been that good, and movies like Inside Llewyn Davis were so (supposedly) good that it doesn’t make sense how it was nearly completely snubbed.

10 Facts About the Oscars That Will Make You Sad (The Daily Beast) – Once you’ve processed everything, have a good cry over the fact that Jonah Hill has now been nominated more times than, [gasp], Robert Redford. What kind of effed up world are we living in, people?! I mean, if it was for This is the End, I could maybe understand but…

A White Wine for All Seasons (The Kitchn) – All this business and drama about Oscars got you worked up? No? You just can’t believe it’s not Friday yet? Let’s have a drink. I’m usually anti-white wine (sorry, @thewinegetter) during the winter months, unless I’m having sushi, but the good news is, it’s okay to explore the lighter breed when it’s cold. It feels unnatural to me, a little, but we should live on the edge a little more, don’t you think?

The Lip Colors Every Woman Should Own (Oprah) – My man hates lipstick. He hates Chapstick, too, for that matter. We’ve compromised, and a life without Chapstick is just not an option for me. Still, I’m a girl’s girl, and I like lipstick- haven’t worn it in years… but I like the idea of lipstick. I keep meaning to be more adventurous and just give him a “too bad” pout one day, but since I’ve been out of the game so long, I could use a few pointers before making the leap.

Plucker up.
Plucker up.

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