The In-Between: Letting Go of Disappointment and Fixed Ideas About Life

Did you ever have something happen to you, and you think to yourself, “Oh my gosh, I wasn’t even seeking this. It found ME! This is going to happen and it’s wonderful and meant to be!” Yes you have. I need you to not try and be cooler than this post right now. This kind of thing has happened to me a lot within the last year, and every time, I think it’s the big one. The big life changer, the point in the story where things get really good, even better than before. Then I find myself disappointed when these magic scenarios don’t work out. Something like that just happened to me again, and as usual, I wasn’t exactly seeking it out in a super meaningful way, but it happened and I started to think about how great it could be. Then it didn’t happen.

That was a lot of circle talk. I’ve had a lot of things circling in my brain the last few days, forgive me. Some high moments, low moments, and a bunch of in-between stuff. When I stop circling, here’s what’s true: the holding pattern I mentioned a few posts ago is over, and I can move forward, which is great. I’m in Halifax until May, and I’m glad. I know hubs and I are here for a reason, even if it’s not the reason we originally came here for.

So what does that mean? We don’t know our endgame anymore, because it’s possibly not going to be the endgame we set out for. It’s unwritten, which can be pretty stressful (as we’ve been experiencing lately, especially.) I’m a planner and a solver, and I want to find a way to make the journey not so stressful. I know the only way to achieve that is to really be present. I suck at being present. I am almost always in the future, worrying, planning, hoping, then worrying some more. That pattern is probably not going to cut it for this phase of our lives.

Some ways to stay present when you suck at it? Let’s investigate. This will be an evolving project. I hope what I figure out can help you, too. I like to think a good chunk of DS readers are worriers life myself.

Usually when I sit down to write, I have a general theme I’m aiming for but today, I needed to just expel some words on paper. Thanks for listening.

Living in the Now When it’s Stressful: Mindfulness Tips (TinyBuddha) – A true life tale of a girl and her dog. There’s no better reminder to be in the now than when tragedy does or could strike. Don’t waste a moment..

Getting Past Disappointment and Letting Go of “Fixed” Ideas (BaggageReclaim) – Fixed ideas about how life is supposed to unfold? That has my brain written all over it. Life will be what it is, not what my brain thinks it’s supposed to be. This blog post is really just meant for my subconscious. I really hope my subconscious reads this tonight.

Philosophy for a Happy Life, by Sam Berns (Huffington Post UK) – Life’s greatest lessons and inspirations so often seem to come from little angels that are with us too short a time. Watch this, it’s worth the 12 minutes.


3 thoughts on “The In-Between: Letting Go of Disappointment and Fixed Ideas About Life

  1. Hey, just hang in there. My life story is a mix of things being thrown at me, worrying, embracing, and most of all, adjusting to what life brings. Definitely had some major, major setbacks and disappointments, but those led to other opportunities and all in all happiness. Sending good vibes!

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