Happy Hour – So Long USA and the Hot Toddy

It’s been a long, trying week for everyone, whether you were in the center of the polar vortex, or just returning from a 16-day holiday and facing a full work schedule. For me, today marks my last day in Buffalo for what looks like many months. Where will I be? Maybe on a fishing boat somewhere in the Atlantic. Maybe I’ll be in the wild, observing moose in New Brunswick. Just kidding. I’ll be in Halifax, which is just as exciting. WOO! As for today, let’s warm up.

THEE Hot Toddy (The Daily Meal) – My latest winter obsession not only warms the soul, but it knocks a nasty cold right out of your system. I’d rather have a few of these than an assortment of OTC cold meds. Unfortunately, when I’ve gone to order them in the past out and about, I didn’t actually know what made one up. Kind of embarrassing. That ends now.

Also a fantastic Usher/Jay Z collaboration. Google it.

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