The In-Between: Polar Vortex Edition

I’ve never been more in-between than I am right now. It’s funny that we’re dealing with the term “polar vortex,” because I could twist it into my own definition and call my life a polar vortex; a polarizing vortex of conflicting ideas and opportunities. That may be the reason I’ve felt less than inspired to post in the new year, because I’m too caught up in a holding pattern to really jump into the new. Believe me, I’m looking forward to it. When I get some news and the vortex subsides, I’ll let you know. Either way, it should be interesting. When do I ever do anything the boring way?

Things that have consumed my mind include: yoga, whole foods, hair products, meal plans, clean eating, breaking bad habits, what makes millennials tick, entrepreneurship, outdoor hobbies, modern marriages, music, things that are funny, loving thy self, loving thy neighbor, love, love, love, puppies, soup, organic face and hair products, running, breathing. That’s like at least 6 months worth of blogging, right there.

I’m now going to swirl you up in a vortex of articles about some of the above. I hope you have a snow day tomorrow, for reals.

When Self-Love Feels Impossible (Mind Body Green) – This is not about that kind of self-love, freaks. It’s about the touchy-feely kind that goes on in your mind. That still doesn’t quite sound appropriate, but you know what I mean. Look, like so many other people (emphasis on women,) I beat the crap out of myself. It started at a young age and anytime I feel like I’ve failed, I beat harder. As weird as it may feel, it’s one of my main focuses for 2014, to fall back in love with lil ole me.

Nutrition Lies That Have Been Making the World Sick and Fat (AuthorityNutrition) – I am very, very hesitant to get involved in politically-driven battles involving corporations, food production, the government, etc., but I cannot ignore things that I see with my own eyes and feel with my own body. In a diet-crazed world, I too waste taught that low fat, sugar free, frozen meal products were the way to make weight loss happen. I’m not saying those things can’t but the other garbage they’re filled with is in most cases what’s making everyone fatter and worse, sick. More to come on this soon.

Top Yoga Poses for Weight Loss (Gaiam) – Am I obsessed with yoga? You bet your sweet ass I am. I feel like it’s better than any medicine, any cardio program, or any surgery to fix a multitude of physical and mental problems. If you hate yoga, you will hate my blog this year. I intend to make it a very important part of my life and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing results that come along with it- and not just for weight loss.

Music and Health: 11 Ways Playing and Listening Help Mind and Body (Huffington Post) – Remember when I took tap dancing last year? Did you know I love to sing? I probably don’t really emphasize enough how important music is in my life. Lately, I’ve been joking that “my soul died” these last few months when I was unable to find good new music to download. Did you hear that, Miley Cyrus? You’ve killed me. I’ll be fine.. but it’s a great reason to make a return to classical and jazz music. Love it so much.

50 Fun Winter Activities (RealSimple) – Once this blizzard hits the road, I know I want to get out and find more enjoyable things to do than sit and wait for May to come. I’ve never been a skier, but I know winter has a lot more to offer than I usually attempt to discover.

Maybe not this week for those fun winter activities….

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