Small Plates That Will Make You Worry Less, Feel Better, Live Longer

All weekend I’ve been trying to post and guess what? So far, 2014 has brought a lot of personal stress and maybe even some writing blockage. Not cool, baby New Year, not cool. I’ve dealt with a nice shot of constant anxiety, whether it was from travel woes (delays, cancellations, blizzards, potential delays, potential cancellations, and brand new blizzards,) human drama, or the knowledge that I already blew my NYResolutions a mere four days out the gate. How can we fix this? Let’s start the week with small plates.


Feng Shui Tips to Boost Happiness and Vitality (Mind Body Green) – If I had a house, I’d do these things. Once I get back to my fake house in Halifax, I will do these things (as much as I can without touching the other people’s stuff.) For now, I will do these things in my own little corner, in my own little room, at my parent’s house. Progress- not perfection.

Scientifically-Backed Ways to Stop Worrying (Huffington Post) – Maybe you’re worrying because you have to return to work tomorrow or because you’re about to watch the last episode of your favorite show on Netflix, and it’s not returning for at least 3-4 months. Whatever gets you, these are proven methods of trying to cope. I wonder what it’s like to not give a crap…?

Nuts: Longevity in a Nutshell (Boston Globe) – If you haven’t already heard, nuts will save your life. Anytime you’re feeling crappy about life, don’t eat nuts- because they will keep you alive for a lot longer than you might be interested in at that moment.

Maybe don’t eat that many at once..

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