Happy Hour – Things to do and Drink When You’re Snowed In

It’s a Herculean Friday thanks to the latest “blizzard” to sack the Northeast and Midwest. I remember… back in my day.. (ha) when they didn’t even call 7 FEET of snow a blizzard. That’s right, 7 feet- the kind where you get an entire additional week off after Christmas break and have to sit on the roof of your car, digging to find it. Ahhh senior year. Memories.

So we’re up early after another canceled flight for the hubs (can’t say I mind all that much,) and I thought I’d get you started right away, especially if you’re one of those that are snowed in. Stay warm, for goodness sake!

15 Things to do While Snowed in (ThoughtCatalog) – If you get bored simply drinking under a blanket.

Toasty Warm Cocktails for Cold Winter Nights (Divine Caroline) – It’s at least 10 degrees below. No better time than now to serve some of these up. When in doubt, heat up some vodka in a pot or something. It’s all the same.

How I think I look while snowed in.
How I actually look while snowed in.

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