Happy First Anniversary, Daily Sampler!

A year ago on New Year’s Eve, I decided to make the leap back to writing every day. I decided that despite all my failed attempts at starting and keeping a blog before, I would write it daily, and share it with you. I knew I wanted it to be fun, (mostly) lighthearted, and hopefully, entertaining. Hubs and I scoured the Internet, searching for domain names that weren’t already taken, and for the right concept to keep content fresh and relevant. I remember when he said, “The Daily Sampler is available.” Of course, all I heard was, “daily.” That means every day, or it’s false advertising; quite a commitment for someone with a hobby follow-through problem. Still, it clicked. I registered the domain and quickly posted my first piece of breaking news, Kim Kardashian was pregnant! So unimportant, it was perfect. (Notice a running theme, there?) Heh.

During the year, I did not write every single day. But I did write more than 290 entries. Some of them quick, some of them long, some of them fluffy, some of them very personal, some from home, some from very far away, and others were just plain bitchy. You have been the inspiration for all of those entries, because your feedback, love, and support have kept me going through the majority of 365 days. Thank you. I never dreamed I’d have more than 21,000 hits in just a year’s time.

Cheers to 2014.. you, yours, so on and so forth. (And I'll miss you, beer.)
Cheers to 2014.. you, yours, so on and so forth. (And I’ll miss you, beer.)

Looking back, I thought you might enjoy learning about some of the searches that have brought people from all over the world to The Daily Sampler, and what posts have gotten the most play. You’ll likely be surprised, (I sure as hell was!)


  • Sizzurp – (Thank you, Lil Wayne.)
  • Shannon Newhouse weight loss – (This is probably creepy for her haha. Shannon, you’re so famous!)
  • Felicity Huffman Bates Motel – (Yes, I know Felicity Huffman doesn’t star in Bates Motel, but apparently the rest of the world does not.)
  • Amanda Bynes crazy – (Haha! People love whackados. That’s also a word I made up this year.)
  • Beyonce pregnant again – (I was wrong on this one, folks, but the people have spoken! They want a sibling for Blue Ivy!)
  • Tom Brady childhood – (I know that bastard is somewhere laughing that his name and my name are even associated in any way.)
  • Bruce Willis – (Good for him.)
  • Obese cats – (This is the Internet, after all.)
  • Best bracket names – (Not only is March Madness the best thing going on in the dead of winter, it’s like my readers knew I’d win the pot this year, first time ever. Fate!)


Happy Hour: The Countdown is ON – (A fluke hit, beer-flavored post, featuring the great Kegworks of Buffalo, NY.)

Happy Hour: The Christmas Drinking Game – (You people are lushes, and you should probably seek help.)

The Truth about Sizzurp via Lil Wayne, Bruce Willis’ Career, and Your Fave “Healthy” Drinks – (I kid you not, people are CRAYZAY for both Sizzurp and Bruce Willis! America!)

New Babies, Bad Fashion, Crazy Eyebrows, and Ombres Galore! – (Sooo many people want to know about eyebrows. Really.)

Half Her Size! – (An interview with the inspiring Shannon Stewart (formerly Newhouse,) who candidly shared with us her experience losing half her weight, and embarking on an incredible journey.)

Easter Bunnies that Will Haunt Your Dreams, Elite 8 Excitement, and Easter Food Galore – (These Easter Bunny pictures gave the DS its first insane hit count in one day, over 400! It was an Easter Sunday miracle.)

The Ann Arbor Sampler – (While Ann Arbor wasn’t an easy period in my life, I did get to share some of my favorite spots and favorite friends with you. It’s a pretty good town.)

The Daily Sampler Abroad – (What’s more intriguing than reading about how people atop a small southern Italian town live, work, and play? Uh, nothing! Then there’s Canada.)


  • Uzbekistan – (Borat?!)
  • United Republic of Tanzania  –  (Not to be confused with Tasmania.. they did not visit, and I’m a little disappointed. Even Fiji made it, guys.)
  • Azerbaijan – (I thought this was a fake place.)
  • Trinidad and Tobago – (Probably vacationers reading from the beach.)
  • Brunei Darussalam – (??? No idea.)


So, that will depend a little bit on you, a little bit on me. I really love finding cool things to share with you online. That will continue (and obvi, it’s a major timesaver when my Internet friends are doing a portion of the work.) I do foresee some upcoming shifting interests that I’ll probably be sharing in 2014. Maybe more travel adventures, but hopefully some “stay-at-home” adventures as well. The big thing I’m excited to get into is our new podcast. Podcasts have been around for years and years, and I’m totally bandwagoning it in 2014. The podcast will be an extension of The DS, which means- you know it – rants, raves, celebrity gossip, guests, probably a hilarious and co-host (if she remembers that she agreed to it), and more things that have absolutely no impact on your life, your finances, your politics or religion.

Everything else, is up to you. Keep sending feedback, what you’d like to see more (or less) of, and please keep spreading the word. You’ve made 2013 a year to remember! Happy New Year!

The best is yet to come and won't it be fine..
The best is yet to come..

4 thoughts on “Happy First Anniversary, Daily Sampler!

  1. J says:

    Thanks for a great 2013. I look forward to getting my daily uplift by reading your column – I look forward to it most when I am having a downer day.

    With love,
    One of your 20,000+ subscribers

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