The Daily Sampler + The World: Year-in-Review 2013

And what a year it was. All kinds of awesome. All kinds of crazy. For me, lots of travel, new friends, old friends, fun times, funks, love, dislikes, food, drink, distraction, rants, and reflection. Maybe even some growth. I started the year with a goal: to write this blog (nearly) every day, regardless of what was or was not going on in my life, how busy or non-busy I was, or my mood. I did it, and I’m totally full of myself because of it. DAMN I’m good. Sorry, had to get that out of my system. But really, I did this thing for a year, and if nothing else, it shows me that I can in fact, follow through on a New Year’s Resolution. And if I can do it, you CAN do it, smalls.

I’ve been gathering best of/year-in-review samples from all over the place, and so many people out there have done a lot of great work for me. From sports, to food, to entertainment, look back fondly at what we all survived and celebrated this year.  That old Auld Lang Syne.



From Geico to GoDaddy, Best and Worst Commercials 2013 (Entertainment Weekly) – I don’t know about these, but I’m disappointed Lee and Morty didn’t make the cut with their Swifter commercials. They are living my elderly dream, what I can only hope my golden years relationship will be like with my husband.


Takeout Winners and Losers 2013 (Huffington Post) – In one of the more unique lists, some takeout foods really got the shaft this year. Haha. People are funny. I hope the spicy tuna roll’s feelings weren’t too hurt.

The 20 Best Dance Albums of 2013 (Rolling Stone) – I don’t know why this made the post. I could give a sh. Anyways, I think most pop artists consider themselves as a part of the dance albums crew so, moot point?

The Most Important Straddles of the Year (Huffington Post) – On the other hand, I would never not include this countdown. I still think about that girl who got smashed in the head by Miguel’s crotch as he jumped from the stage onto her face. I hope she sued, and I feel like suing Huffington Post for not including it on the list!

My favorite part was the post-concert interview where the stunned/concussed girl is forced to say she’s okay and loves Miguel.

The 8 Best Comedy Albums and Specials of 2013 (AV Club) – I’m definitely not up to speed as much on this one, but I can’t help but laugh-cry when I listen to Louis CK talk.

The Best TV Moments of 2013 (Rolling Stone) – Ohhhh my god. It was an intense year on TV and I WAS PART OF IT ALL. I feel less bad about that now that I have also acquired a few other hobbies along the way. Really though- Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, that dirty closet sex Olivia Pope had with President Fitz during a baptism ceremony? So many juicy tidbits.

And you’re not watching this show because…?

Best Albums of 2013 (Rolling Stone) – I should scroll up and delete the link to the best dance albums and just go with this, but I already wrote it so, that would take 34 seconds of my time. No thanks.

The 23 Biggest Film and TV Disappointments of 2013 (Buzzfeed) – You take the good with the bad. I liked The Great Gatsby.

Stunning Photos From 2013 (ABC News) – You’re probably not interested in this unless it’s a bunch of pics of cats playing the piano but, maybe you should widen your horizons for 2014.

If nothing else, this year I accomplished my husband saying, “where do you find this stuff?!”

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