The Morning After and Cleaning Up Your Act

Did you have a beautiful Christmas? I hope so. I sure did. There is truly nothing better than being with family.

I am typing this from my 2013 MacBook Air. It is so, so sexy. I don’t even know what to do with myself, nor did I think I would ever have a new Mac until I turned 50 or something, maybe as a pity gift and/or because at that point I could finally afford one. But, here it is. As we already discussed, I’m very spoiled. This also helped me discover that my 2008 MacBook has been lying to me, and making me think this blog’s layout looked normal and cleanish. Now that I’m here with you in this decade, I see I have a few things to fix. Sorry about that.

Today, I’m already thinking ahead. Today is New Year’s Day for me. You know what that means. I’m going to be a total drag for the next 6 months. Ha! No it doesn’t! I’m going to be a riot. Really though, you will like me better when I have other things on my mind other than reducing inflammation in my lower back and recovering from my hormonal hair crisis of 2013.


How the Time of Day Affects Your Workout (Oprah) – I’m not going to try to tell you that it’s easy to get up first thing and workout in the morning, especially in the dead of winter. It’s not. But if you can get into that habit, you will benefit in so many ways, including gaining the satisfaction that you’re already done for the day and can come home and do what’s important: lay on your couch and watch hours of Netflix.

Healthy and Delicious Layer Dip Recipes (The Daily Meal) – One thing I know after surviving the holidays is that dip is going to need to be a part of my life, no matter how healthy my lifestyle is. Gimme.

14 Great Sources of Clean Protein (Mind Body Green) – You’re going to hear me make a big, annoying push this year to up the healthy protein and decrease the garbage-filled carbs. The more I research, the more I think this is the key to a better life all around. Note: clean protein doesn’t have to mean chunks of heavy meat, either.

Shake Off Your Post-Holiday Blues (CBS News) – It’s a real thing. You wait so long and work so hard for a day and a half of glory and then it’s all over, and you’re back to the grind. Since I was a kid, I’ve always experienced that sadness that comes with the end of the holidays, and the knowledge that 4 long, dark months of winter still lie ahead. Are you thoroughly depressed yet? Stop that! Read this.

Santa dog
I feel your pain, friend.

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