SNL Highlights, Non-Cookie Christmas Goodies, and Looking Hot in Instagram Pics

I keep waiting to be in the mood to do a “serious” or “thought-provoking” post but then I just never get there. I have a ton of material for it, and since I feel/look like physical garbage, it’s pretty much all that’s been on my mind. But, now I’ve gotten some exercise (from laughing so hard with my fam and friends,) and I feel like I can keep putting it off until after Christmas. Not the life change, the serious post. The life change is starting, albeit verrrrrry slowly. Anyways, here’s a bunch of riff-raff while I put off the actual work of reflecting and planning for the year ahead.


Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Reunite on SNL (US Magazine) – I DVR’d and haven’t gotten around to watching it yet amidst football Sunday and trying to restore my body to pre-last night’s party status. I heard good things. You say…?

22 Non-Cookie Christmas Goodies (Bon Appetit) – Sick of cookies yet? Sigh. Me either. It’s going to be a tough week in health.

6 Best Foods For Winter (EatThisNotThat) – When you can no longer stuff yourself with holiday goods, you can restock your fridge with these winter weather best foods. They’re healthy. You’ll like it.

How to Look Good in Holiday Photos (Who What Wear) – We all need this, no matter what time of year. Jut out that chin, get your hand on your hip, and stop embarrassing yourself all over Instagram.

Santa would really benefit if he just angled his body slightly and pushed his chin forward…

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