Feeling the Love, in Winter Fashion Beat Down Style

I am feeling the love today. Thank you, thank you, for putting The DS over and above where I imagined it could go in less than a year. Makes it even more super fun for me.

Today, it’s Thursday. Tomorrow, it’s Friday. Let’s focus on Friday- for many people, the Friday before a big ‘ole holiday.


Jon Stewart Gets a Beat Down From Ron Burgundy and Friends (EOnline) – You know by now, I like anything involving Jon Stewart, Anchorman, and/or beat downs. Enjoy.

What to do When You’ve Overeaten (Oprah) – Story of my life, and it’s not even Christmas week yet. Help me Oprah!!

How to Reinvent Your Winter Wardrobe (Who What Wear) – Take it from someone who has to make about eight outfits interesting for the entire month of December, new eyes and new tips are welcome. These are celebrity inspired looks for your holiday parties or lounging around in style.

The Best TV Holiday Episodes of All Time (Huffington Post) – There are probably others that should be in this list. I am a Holiday Armadillo fan, myself.


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