Funny Video Wednesday, Because You Need It

I’m trying to be proactive today and post a little something before 10PM.  Tonight, we reunite with the once (sort of) unstoppable Gary Chutch’s Trivia Enthusiasts in Ann Arbor for a night of micro brew and random knowledge.  Nothing beats knowing who was the 1979 Best Picture Oscar winner and then shoving it in everyone’s face.  Maybe tonight is the night I win the Wolverine Brewing Mug Club membership.  I am the only one on the team without one.


The Tonight Show Gets New Name (Huffington Post) – This may be the first time in the history of my life that I watch The Tonight Show on purpose. Almost feels like betrayal. I love Jimmy and I love that he’s changing it back to “starring”, just like Johnny Carson.

11 News Anchor Flubs (The Daily Beast) – Hubs sent this link to me today, and then nearly choked on a cookie he was eating while we watched it together, because of the cry-laughter.  Please do yourself a favor and watch at least the Bill O’Reilly video, and the grape stomping one.  It’s the perfect way to celebrate Friday’s release of Anchorman 2.

Start Running Now: A Get Going Guide (Runners World UK) – I keep dodging inspiration to start running again.  Before you laugh at me, I want to remind you of the consistency I displayed during my “spring 2013 track phase.”  I kind of rocked it.  Though running doesn’t come naturally to me, I did like being outside, and I did like meeting new goals.  It’s a little harder to imagine now that it’s below freezing and intensely out of shape/sore, but it’s not impossible…

Conan Shares a Lyft with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart (Team CoCo) – Just going with the amusing videos theme today.  This is pretty funny.

Picture 24


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