Game of Thrones Stuff, The Voice Finale, and Don’t Knock the ‘Nog

It’s only Tuesday?! I never know what day it is anymore.  I’ve been working on some end-of-year posts I’ll be sharing with you soon, and it’s leaving me a little pressed on the daily stuff, apologies.  Let’s see what’s out there for our consumption today.


Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer (Entertainment Weekly) – It’s only about 5 seconds long, but it’s plenty to get us geeks (me included, this time around,) geeked out for what’s to come. I’ll admit, I’ve slowed down my reading to accommodate my watching with everyone else. #firstworldproblems *Warning* It’s in the middle of a lot of other HBO stuff, if you can be patient.

The Voice Finale: Showdown (People) – I’ll admit, I missed out on the majority of the show because I don’t have DVR access in holiday land. I’m kicking myself for it now. What did you think? I’m relying on you to help me make quick and unfair judgements about who should win. If we’re basing it on the entire season, I’m probably on board for Jackie, and then that guy (whose name I can never remember.) Tessanne began to bore me about 3 weeks ago. UPDATE: I just scrolled further and saw we can all watch last night’s highlights. Ain’t the Internet grand? Tonight, the winner is….??

The Best of the Internet’s Reaction to Beyonce’s Surprise Album Release (Buzzfeed) – I swear I will shut up about it after this, and the only reason you’re getting this now is because it got buried in my bookmarks.  Just enjoy for what it is!

The Best and Worst Eggnog (Huffington Post) – Eggnog is a new thing for me. It never was or has been part of my holiday tradition, but usually when I have a taste, I think, what’s not to like? Do I like eggs? Yep. Do I like milkshake-consistency cold goodness? Check. So, what’s the problem, haters? Here we have the best and worst already-made brands, for the lazy ones who just wanna get to the spiking, already.



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