Barely-Made-it Small Plates of Fangirl Love and Sad Time Divorce

Running a little late today, because I was so busy doing things like crafts (guh) and watching Christmas movies. And The Voice finale was on, which I totally forgot about. Then someone brought home late night Chinese food. I wonder when my new lifestyle will start forever? Remember the healthy one? There are a few things we should catch up on, however. You’re all going to be sorry when I have a real job again.


Khloe Kardashian Not Dating Matt Kemp (People) – So, I was kind of taken aback when I saw that Khloe had in fact filed for divorce from Lamar rather quietly on Friday. Not that it wasn’t coming but, ah, I feel bad for her. I do find her to be the most tolerable Kardashian, and she seemed so devoted to her guy. What an idiot he is! But, she’s not dating a new guy so.. there’s that.

Beyonce’s New Album Her Strongest (Huffington Post) – If you follow me on Twitter, you know I annoyingly won’t shut up about the new album, which smartly, you have to download ALL of on iTunes, and is pretty all-around phenomenal. I just watched all the accompanying videos this evening and boy, they are hot. I just feel so bad for everyone else that made feeble attempts at releasing an album this year. Embarrassing for them. It’s also pretty darn descriptive about life behind Mr. & Mrs. Carter’s closed doors.  Whew! Sexay.

Yeah. You get to know Bey and Jay REAL well, and it’ll only cost you $15.99.

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