Insomnia Sunday : Desperately Seeking Sleep

A new week means, well dear God, I hope it means some sleep, for me.  I am not sure I slept at all this week.  No, actually I know I slept just enough time to fit in three terrifying nightmares (complete with one of my good old fashioned plane crash dreams,) and a slightly suggestive dream about Adam Levine.  I guess I should be grateful for that part.  Still, as my mood and my health seems to be faltering with my lack of shut eye, I’m starting to worry about the rest of my good time holiday fun.  I am desperate for a chain of solid slumbers, and will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get it.  That means drugs.

As I’m on my way to another family function on about six minutes of rest, let me share some insomnia tips that will come in handy when your drugs fail.


What Not to do When Insomnia Strikes (Huffington Post) – I am guilty of pretty much all of these, especially the “don’t stay in bed” one. I am always hopeful sleep will find me after three more hours of reading random online critiques about Lady Gaga.

Weird Tips to Help You Sleep (SecretYumiVerse) – Everyone hears the same tips all the time.  These are weird and in cartoon form, so if you’re reading them at 3AM, it will take you less time and you can get back to feeling horrible about how you’re not asleep.

Herbal and Natural Sleep Aids (National Sleep Foundation) – This is a meaty one with lots of ideas for all natural sleep solutions.  I’m wondering if maybe reading this entire article will actually help you fall asleep.  Very sneaky, Sleep Foundation!

10 Drinks that Help You Sleep (The Daily Meal) – Much like the natural remedies, these liquid options will help slow down your body and your mind the safe way, and there’s just something nice about a warm cup of whatever before you hit the hay.



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