The In-Between: Delving Deeper into the (Gulp) Science of Health and !EVIL! Wheat

Today, it’s all about health. I’ve had some interesting conversations and done a bunch of reading over the last few weeks about gluten intolerance, the link between gluten, thyroid issues and autoimmune difficulties. More and more, it seems obvious that diet has such a heavy impact on basically everything in our lives. I mean, we knew that already, but the connections that researchers are starting to see, or at least infer – about how so many diseases can be diminished just by eating different foods is kind of startling. On a personal level, it’s starting to feel like a cluster of a-ha moments, rolled up in one.  

As we’ve discussed before, I doubt I’m a Celiac. I’ve never had the actual test, but usually I can eat gluten without feeling like death afterwards. Sometimes, I have stomach problems. Sometimes, nothing. You just never know. I think as I get older, I’m starting to notice more issues with digestion and, ahem… gas, bloating, all that wonderful stuff. I also now believe that most Americans have developed some kind of gluten intolerance because wheat and other grains have become so genetically modified that our systems can no longer digest them. So, take that knowledge, add it to what I’ve been experiencing- what I believe to be the symptoms of Hypothyroidism, and you’ve got some stuff. I’ve got some stuff. I have had my thyroid tested, and the results came back as “normal. “Later, I found that not only is Hypothyroidism very heavy in my gene pool, but that sometimes your numbers can come back in the normal range when really, the cause of these symptoms lies in certain antibodies developing within other parts of your body, specifically other organs. Are you still with me? At some point, when I’m back living in the great U S of A, I will delve deeper into targeted blood tests that will hopefully shed some light on things, but until then, it’s become apparent I need to explore the day-to-day changes I can make. On a scientific level, I am incredibly interested to see how a different diet might alter some of the changes my poor body has gone through over the last 6 months. I’m becoming convinced that we’re all consuming poisons on some level with every processed, unnatural, artificially sweetened thing we consume. (I realize this means Splenda. I know. It’s terrible. I’m drinking it now as I write this. Sigh.)

Today’s samples will be a bit of a hodgepodge of the latest Celiac resources I’ve stumbled upon, some interesting research that links Celiac disease to autoimmune disorders and thyroid problems, and tips. I’ve already found all my gusto going in to the holiday season has been knocked away. It’s not easy being surrounded by family who wants to pump you full of doughnuts, Christmas cookies, and take you to dinner every night. Still, I’ve got to be the one to put my foot down for the sake of my health. Who can argue with that?  

The Celiac/Autoimmune Thyroid Connection: A Major Thyroid Disease Breakthrough (  – If you are a scientist or nutritionist that wants to point out that it’s still perhaps too early to make this connection, that’s fine. You can take it up with the people at, whom yes, I am aware are not all doctors. I just seem to be finding more and more evidence that everything we put into our bodies is what’s causing things like Celiac disease, and even scarier- Cancer. But that’s another link.

What’s Wrong with Modern Wheat? (Grainstorm) – Ever notice how back when our grandparents and parents were growing up, people didn’t have things like food allergies, gluten intolerance, food addiction, and oh, I don’t know, Cancer? Sorry, I know I keep bringing it up but… it cannot be ignored. People are sicker than ever.  Even if it’s just some indigestion or inflammation, it’s happening to people of all ages and health profiles. This website has an interesting history on wheat, what’s happened to it, and some ideas for going back to “baking like it’s 1869.”

Modern Wheat a “Perfect, Chronic Poison” (CBS News) – To further illustrate my point. Surprise! There is a secret additional protein in the wheat we all consume now that is… wait for this one.. an opiate. Now when you hear people talking about how they can’t stop eating pasta (me,) you’ll know it’s not just fat kid syndrome. We are being programmed to need it. Before you click off, please know that I’m aware of how much I’m sounding like a crazy “the government is out to get us” person. I am not that person, but it does freaks me out that I know so little about what I’m putting into my own body. And it makes me worry about my future children. I’m also not going to start posting information from groups that are clearly on one side of the argument. I’d be just as happy if someone said, “we have proof that bread won’t kill you!” I’d be REALLY happy.

Keeping the Holidays Healthy and Gluten Free (Gluten Free Works) – Yeah, I was doing pretty well before leaving Halifax, and feeling a ton better.  Fast forward 2.5 weeks. It’s feeling like I have to re-climb the mountain of detox again. Read this and start planning. It’s also mostly common sense for anyone trying not to lose complete control this month.

How to Start Enjoying Life Without Flour or Sugar (Mind Body Green) – Quickly becoming one of my favorite new websites, this is a reminder that life can go on after cutting these things out of your diet, and that there are still sweet treats to be had. STEVIA!!!!!!!! Yeah, yeah. I know, I know.

It hurts me more than it does you, old friend.

2 thoughts on “The In-Between: Delving Deeper into the (Gulp) Science of Health and !EVIL! Wheat

  1. thefoodandwinehedonist says:

    I don’t know what to think of the boom in population of people with true Celiac disease and even gluten intolerance. Part of me is thinking better science in detecting, but I also can’t help but think there are a lot of armchair doctors diagnosing themselves. They see gluten-free on all kinds of packages, check out WebMD and all of a sudden they’ve got it.

    But you do hit a great point about what we eat and all the unnatural stuff in it. Really, is putting splenda in a cup of coffee that much of a calorie saver than sugar? I also wouldn’t be surprised if there really is a boom in true Celiac and it has to do with decades of too much grain getting in our diets – especially with how corn is used to make just about everything.

    (Betcha didn’t think I was capable of a serious side, eh?)

    1. The Daily Sampler says:

      No, I totally agree. Between doctors being imbeciles and people self-diagnosing (I could be grouped into that one, sort of,) it almost seems like a fad. There is still so much to be learned in the next decade about the effects of what the do to our food. I hope by then I’ve adopted a more steady whole food diet for myself and my family. That seems like the best case scenario, on every front!

      You so seriousssssss.

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