Entertainment Round-Up With SAGs, Celeb Gifts, & Ron Burgundy

It’s Wednesday and time for an entertainment round-up. I wish I had more interesting things to report, but I’ve taken today out of the “anything interesting or productive” folder. Today is being used solely for the purpose of not running around all over Michigan, for the first time since we arrived. My wish for you is that you’ll read this in front of a fire (or at least a space heater,) covered in a blanket, with a hot beverage in hand, and either a significant other rubbing your feet or a fluffy animal snuggled up to you. It feels like that kind of day.


SAG Award Nominations (Entertainment Weekly) – The SAG Awards are like the boring younger sister of the Golden Globes, usually following them by like a week or two. Still, you should read up on these nominations to prepare for the GGs that come out… TOMORROW!  Wooo! There were lots of surprises and snubs this year. Do you agree? I’m asking because as usual, I’ve seen about three new releases all year long.

The Most Overpaid Actor of Our Time is… (Forbes) – Ten years ago, this would be a shocking and disputed argument. Now? How the times have changed.

AFI Names Best Movies and Television of 2013 (CNN) – And again. Three of those TV shows are mine, zero of those are movies I’ve seen. Maybe one of my New Years resolutions just revealed itself. Or I could run a 10K. Either one of those.

Gifts for Celebrity Enthusiasts (Huffington Post) – From Bieber to Nicholas Cage, there’s truly something for everyone out there. Please just click on the link. It’s pretty good.

Someday you'll be, part of his world.
Someday you’ll be, part of his world.

The Real Numbers Behind ‘Anchorman 2’ (The Daily Beast) – Every time we see an Anchorman 2 promo, my husband looks at me, shakes his head, and says, “It’s going to be horrible.” I close my eyes and pretend not to hear him. I know what I’m getting myself into. We will hate it the first time, and LOVE it the second time, just like the original. There’s a formula to it all.


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