Where Are You, Christmas? Recipes, Movies, Cards Galore.

Guys, I have no holiday spirit. Usually by December 9th, I’ll have all my treasured decorations up, some gifts bought, at least one weep-induced viewing of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas under my belt. This year? I don’t even have my Christmas mix CDs with me, one for each year since 2001. I’m not sure if it’s all the travel and not having my own stuff around me, or the fact that I was unwilling to listen to Christmas music during the period between Canadian Thanksgiving and my grandma’s funeral. I’m having trouble getting into it. Do you feel bad for me yet? Is it working?

I don’t want your pity. I want to be caught up in my usual shiny wisps of holiday magic – something I take annoying pleasure in finding/spreading each year, even at my really wise and sexy age. (Note: I just erased my immediate thought: “ripe old age” and replaced it with something more fun. I’m trying.) I suppose I’ll have to go a little out of my way this year and full throttle it. It might be a little forced – another instance of fake it ’til you make it.


Every Holiday Fudge Recipe You Will Ever Need (Huffington Post) – A lot of people make candy around the holidays because they are overachievers. I’ve actually been told fudge is not that hard, so maybe it’s something I will try one Christmas season. Obviously not this one, but I want you to, and then I want you to send me some. You can mail them to either Michigan, New York, or Nova Scotia.  Thanks.

Best Christmas Movies Countdown (Rotten Tomatoes) – This is a big open-ended opinion piece, but I have said and maintain that a lot of the best Christmas movies sprang from the late 80’s and 90’s. Not all- but a bunch. My top 10 read like:

  • #10 Bad Santa – Who doesn’t love a hilarious, naughty holiday movie WITH heart?
  • #9 The Santa Clause – Roll your eyes if you must, but it’s actually a great movie!
  • #8 Home Alone – I can’t believe this one made the list. After re-watching last night, I have a better appreciation for it. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
  • #7 The Christmas Toy – A rare find and a childhood favorite, pretty much the exact tale of Toy Story before there was a Toy Story.
  • #6 A Mom for Christmas – People just don’t appreciate mannequins that come to life to be your new mom like they used to.
  • #5 Love Actually – Immensely feel good, despite all the cranky Brits in it.
  • #4 A Miracle on 34th Street – Don’t try to pull that remake BS. It’s gotta be Natalie Wood in the original.
  • #3 It’s a Wonderful Life – The epitome of Christmas. This is what I prefer to have on loop during Christmas Eve.. not that other, overplayed TBS “classic” that I will not mention on my list.
  • #2 Elf – The new classic. You cannot not smile during this movie.
  • #1 The Grinch Who Stole Christmas – It will always reign supreme.

Best and Worst Holiday Cookies, Ranked (HuffPost Taste) – I am not putting this here because I agree with it. I’m putting it up as a conversation starter. While I love that “Linzer cookies” make the #2 spot, it’s only because of their clever name. I’m sorry, but my list goes a little something like this:

  • #2 (runners-up) Italian cookies, but not the dry gross ones.
  • #1 cutouts – The cutouts must be homemade and have frosting made from lots of butter and confectionary sugar.  Blue frosting is only for the almond extract cookies.  That’s the rule.

WTF Holiday Cards – Funniest Christmas Greetings (Huffington Post) – I am comfortable with saying I like sending Christmas cards more than you do. I actually enjoy the process of writing a message (I do more than just sign!) I enjoy the assembly. Most of all, I enjoy receiving Christmas cards in return.  This will be the first year in probably a decade that I’m not sure I’ll send cards out. I don’t have a steady return address, so I can’t get mine. I deserve better than that. People are getting so creative these days, I probably need a year to get refreshed and go back to the drawing board, anyways.

I'm a sucker for a little magic.
I’m a sucker for a little magic.

2 thoughts on “Where Are You, Christmas? Recipes, Movies, Cards Galore.

  1. wanderingglutton says:

    I have a cutout cookie for you to try. It is my great-grandmother’s recipe for sugar cookies (growing up we called them Grandma Cookies). The cookies are soft and not too sweet, so they work well for decorating. Lately, I have been making them into sandwich cookies with Nutella spread in the middle. Let me know if you would like the recipe.

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