Happy Hour: The Countdown is ON

Fa la la la la, la la la Friday.  I will do that on every Friday this month.  To keep things interesting, we are taking our holiday tour BACK to Michigan for another 2 weeks, and then.. you’ll never believe this.. BACK to New York just in time for Christmas.  I’m convinced no one else on the planet has a weirder travel life than we do.  And despite sleeping for all of 2 hours last night, I woke up feeling grateful for our weird travel life and everything else we’ve got going on.  Color me pleased.  Another thing that’s sure to please is today’s Happy Hour.  Amen.

Countdown to Christmas with a Beer Advent Calendar (Kegworks) – I’m a firm believer that you don’t even have to celebrate Christmas to participate in an Advent calendar.  Okay, maybe not your traditional Advent calendar, but you can at create one that counts down to the new year.  It’s probably not a surprise to you that my childhood calendar was filled with a daily piece of chocolate.  Ha.  This new, adult version makes me feel warm and fuzzy and filled with holiday cheer.  Literally.

Boughs of Folly

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