Small Plate That’s Actually Small: Avoiding Overeating During the Holidays

I have a big Christmas to-do coming at you soon, but thanks to actually having a social life again, all I have for you today is an itty-bitty small plate.  No matter how bad I want to be healthy while visiting home (both of them- New York and Michigan,) moms, relatives, and good friends always find a way to present endless supplies of indulgent delicacies to feast on.  The holidays are no exception.  Even though I start fresh every new day, (a.k.a. rock bottom,) by day’s end, we’re a bottle of wine down and considering dessert.  You go ahead and get some help for this now, and I’ll read it too, once I’m done with tonight’s poor decisions.  Tomorrow’s a new day…??


How to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays (Prevention) – Moms, aunts, and grandmas alike love the holidays, because it’s the perfect time for them to ensure their little ones/adult children are eating enough.  Did you know, there are homemade cookies in the freezer?  Didn’t like that bottle of wine?  No worries, we’ll open another. God bless them.

You know you want this, my son.

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