The Busiest Traveling Small Plate of the Year

If you happen to follow me on Twitter (@thedailysampler,) you’ll know I was up all night. Good old fashioned insomnia. It went on to mess up my entire morning and I sit here now finally having coffee and trying to salvage the rest of the day. Therefore, you get a small plate and my best wishes for a good hump day. For many of you, today is “Friday” so I’m not too worried about ya.

Today is the busiest travel day of the year so I have no choice but to send you this link I found while packing last night. You’d think after stepping on four Continents, I’d be good at packing by now. Nope.


Best Way to Efficiently Pack a Bag (Real Simple) – This is a new method for me. For years I’ve subscribed to the “fold in” method, taught to us all by Grandma Betty (not my real grandma, but a smart cookie nonetheless.) This method was probably invented in the 70’s and no longer serves modern day issues like luggage searches or the last minute scramble to move things around at the counter when your bag weighs too much. I’ll let you know if I am successful at bringing all of the extras I should probably leave here, but am unwilling to go without.



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