All I Care About is Yoga and Turkey

You might be wondering about my Thanksgiving travel plans.  Let me fill you in.  We head to the airport at 4:15AM (that’s “really” 3:15AM,) to board our flight, fly to Toronto, and then catch a connection to Detroit, all before noon.  You know what?  Worth it.  You might also be wondering if I’m worried about the giant storm sweeping the entire nation.  Yes, yes, I am.  You know me too well.  All I can do is cross my fingers that we miss the nasty, that our flight leaves on time and that we land easily and safely in Detroit, so we can proceed to join the family in stuffing ourselves properly all day long.  If our flight does get delayed, I already told my husband that we’re going out for a ridiculously priced lobster dinner at a place we cannot afford.  Let’s all hope the Universe reads this blog.  

Anywho, that’s about all I can think of at the moment.  That and the fact that there will be a big, yoga-shaped hole in my heart once we do start our home-for-Christmas tour.  I cannot even believe how much I’ve grown to *love* the yoga I started over a month ago.  I’ve been singing my own praises (literally, in a mirror,) all week long realizing that I not only began and stuck with this new regimen, but have noticed exciting differences in my own strength and ability in the class.  I’ve always heard from annoying yoga people that once you start, you become obsessed with it, and I’m proud to be in that group of wonderfully annoying people.  So now that I’m obsessed with it, I want to know everything.  What are the different practices?  Which ones are especially helpful for early cripples, like myself?  What’s the best gear?  I started reading up on it late last night, and in turn, had to cancel my 8AM yoga class for the nooner.  Eh, at least I went.


Moksha vs. Bikram Yoga: What’s the Difference? (Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat) – I had no idea what the heck Moksha Yoga was when I arrived in Canada and had to look it up.  Turns out, it’s somewhat of a variation of Bikram, done in a hot room, but has 40 poses instead of 26, and not necessarily in the same order, or in the same class each time.  I love this post about an author who has tried both.  I found that Moksha is not very widespread in the US, (which kind of concerns me, I think I like it better than Bikram!)  Like the blog author, I find Moksha to be a lot more centered on your breath and accepting imperfection (hello!) than mastering each pose 100% of the time.  

Find Your Yoga Chart (Huffington Post) – There are many practices to choose from.  This chart makes you feel like you understand it all.

3 Yoga Mats for Sweating, Not Slipping (Mind Body Green) – Bad news is, if you want to be part of the club, it will cost you about $100 bucks at least, if you want to do it the “real” way.  I am currently not doing it the “real” way, with my Reebok extra long mat and the bleach-stained towels that I bring to class.  I’m the poor person’s beginner yogi.  This is a great article about the top yoga gear brands and their respective pros and cons.

Ways to Take Your Yoga Practice With You (Mind Body Green) – I’ve been in the habit lately of gathering Sampler MVPs and obviously, Mind Body Green is one of them!  One day I’ll do an MVP-featured post.  Yes.. yes.  I like that.  Clearly I’ve directed this link at myself.  Don’t mess this UP, LINDSAY.

What to Wear to Yoga Class (Sweaty Betty) – I’m in love with Betty and her sweaty blog!  Someday, either when I get some money or someone takes pity on me, I will look like a real yoga practitioner, in all the right clothes and not just whatever doesn’t have doesn’t have a rip in it.  One fine day.

Look how happy she is.  This is my favorite pose because it's on the ground and I can take a nap.
Look how happy she is. This is my favorite pose because it’s on the ground and I can take a nap.

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