The Official Hunger Games : Thanksgiving Prep 2013

It’s apropos that I present you with the DS Thanksgiving Day preparation guide the night after I saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Verdict: this, the second movie in the trilogy was a lot better than the first, in my opinion.  It felt like the characters were a lot more fleshed out than the first and I actually think I might enjoy the third movie, despite the third book being my least favorite in the trilogy.  Maybe it’s just because I have a little space now between reading it and watching it so I’m more forgiving..?

Whoops, got a little off track there…

So THANKSGIVING is why we’re here, and I started putting together useful links for myself about a month ago, when I thought I’d be preparing my first ever turkey (and trying not to be a huge baby about it.)  Luckily, I was bailed out at the last minute and told that we could hop a plane and head down early to start our month-long holiday tour of America.  MAJOR sigh of relief.  It would be wrong for all my research to go to waste, so let’s get all you people, whether old pro or terrified newbie, prepped, locked, and loaded (and by loaded I mean drunk, of course.)


Best Thanksgiving Appetizers (Food Network) – What would your Thanksgiving feast be without pre-eating?  You gotta get those muscles warmed up, right? Whip up one or two of these or just partake in my tradition- sneak quietly into the front hall where the cookies are being kept under wraps and pocket a few; run away snickering.

12 Affordable Thanksgiving Wines (RealSimple) – You know I prefer a little Lambrusco with my holiday meals because it’s “classy.”  I don’t really know why we do it.  You, however, have options.

Throw a Small and Swanky Thanksgiving Soiree (The Kitchn) – This was the Thanksgiving fantasy I had planned for us this year.  Something sweet, intimate, I’d probably wear a dress, maybe provide some kind of homemade napkin holder, etc.  Since I’ll instead be in my pajamas with a large group of Michiganders, you go ahead and check out this concise advice plus go-to recipes and make-aheads.

Making the Perfect Pie Crust (A Spicy Perspective) – This blog has a lot of great Thanksgiving recipe ideas. After you figure out your stellar crust, scroll down to the Pumpkin Cream Pie recipe.  Looks like a keeper.

50 Ways to Mash Potatoes (Food Network) – If the same old spuds are making everyone at your family party hate you, change it up a little!  They’ll either love you, or beg for you to bring back your normal, mediocre potatoes for next year.  Win for you, no matter what.

Turkey SOS: How to Save Your Failing Turkey (The Daily Meal) – This is obviously the most important link here.

Top Thanksgiving Leftover Dishes (Food Network) – So clearly, the Food Network wins as this post’s MVP.  They’ve pretty much got all your turkey day needs covered.  I am the weirdo who prefers Thanksgiving leftovers- and I like em cold.  I also like that it creeps people out.  Give me some nice cold turkey on a hard roll (must be Costanzo’s, Buffalo NY, if we’re being specific,) and some cold stuffing.. yep.  Weirdly amazing.



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