Tasty Small Plates of Celebs Doing Things and Your Holiday Movie Guide

Quick and dirty small plates coming at ya.  I’ve got nails to paint, illegal Netflix to watch.


Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rehab (CNN) – Even the helpers of the world don’t want to help. Maybe that’s the new rock bottom.

Hugh Jackman Reveals Skin Cancer (US Magazine) – My poor Hugh! Just a lesson guys, ALWAYS listen to your lady. She does know best.

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Engaged (EOnline) – Is anyone else as confused by this as I am? What? They’re dating? Wasn’t at least one of them engaged to someone else like 6 weeks ago?  Either way, it’s a young adult television fantasy come true.

Holiday Movie Preview (The Daily Beast) – Hunger Games Catching Fire premieres tonight! Are you going? Waiting? Could care less? Either way, there are other interesting things around the corner, including Leo AND Kate! (Separately. Don’t get excited Tony.)




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