The Daily Sampler Abroad: Halifax- Why Curling is Easy

I have been studying Curling for a solid 2 weeks now.  It would probably be more if I actually watched Canadian broadcast television, but I have priorities, like writing this blog, avoiding poutine, and Keeping up with the Kardashians.  The time I have spent observing Canada’s national pastime, I find myself endlessly intrigued, and now more convinced than ever that I could not only “do” Curling (not sure what the proper term is there,) but I could probably be a Curling champ.  This is what I’ve gathered so far, (mind you, I’m usually three glasses of wine in when discerning about sports.)

My observations about Curling:

  • You need 4 people for a team.  Maybe you’ve seen Curling teams with more, but basically the 4th person is for show, when one of the other 3 gets “tired”.
  • You can wear even crazier pants than you’d wear golfing.  It makes things more interesting.
  • Equipment: 2 self-car wash sized brooms and a heavy, Roomba-shaped, smooth rock(?) with a handle attached.  You can pretty much get started with what you have at home.
  • Shoes: anything you want.  Stay away from flip-flops.  Cleats probably won’t work either.  Flip flops would be better than cleats.
Yeah. You try to describe it.

Why I would make a great Curler:

  • I am into yoga.  If I was the “thrower” person, you need to stretch out into a full low lunge.  Done, and done.
  • I am an avid and obsessive cleaner.  Was raised this way.  These cleaning skills have set the stage for me to become an excellent “brusher,” aggressively taking it to that ice, to get the Roomba-ball to go where I want it to.
  • I have a natural ability when it comes to sports where you need to aim a sliding object at another and make it stay within a certain zone (i.e. Shuffleboard.)  My grandfather was a Shuffleboard champ; it’s in my blood.
  • My greatest sports joy comes from knocking other people’s stuff  out of my way.
She’s definitely into yoga.

Questions I still have about Curling:

  • Are we trying to speed that Roomba-ball up, or slow it down with all that vigorous brushing?  Don’t answer that- I’ll figure it out once I join my new team.
  • When can I start?

2 thoughts on “The Daily Sampler Abroad: Halifax- Why Curling is Easy

  1. the drunken cyclist says:

    I actually went curling a few times (took lessons and everything) and it is a blast! I will not answer all your questions, but the “sweeping” is done to speed up the “rock” (or “stone”), and there are four team members with pretty specific roles (and titles)!

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