A Newbie Greeting, a Defended Play Call, a Secret Poisoning (dun..dun..dun..)

Greetings, Haligonians.  Students, passersby, people waiting for a bus or in line somewhere.  You have found your time-filling mecca.  If you’re new to the Sampler, welcome.  Stay a while.  There are 256 posts for you to catch up on.  As we get nearer and nearer to the (?!?!?!) ONE YEAR anniversary of The DS, I’ll be kicking into blog-promoting high gear.  The more, the merrier.  It is the season of merry-making, after all.  New things are around the corner and it’s going to be fantastic.  If you’d like to get me a zero dollar holiday present (I celebrate whatever you celebrate,) spread the word, tell your friends, tell your frenemies, share some links, etc.  It will be my favorite gift this year (unless I get a puppy or an iPad.)  Then it will be my second favorite gift this year.


Was Brittany Murphy Poisoned? (US Weekly) – Yeah, I feel like everyone’s been watching a little too much Breaking Bad (sorry, that’s all I ever talk about now.)  Still, this is some crazy news, considering her death was labeled “of natural causes caused by pneumonia?!”  Who could want to hurt Brit-Brit?  She will be rollin’ wit the homies 4L up in heaven.


Kanye West Debuts New Music Video on Ellen (NYDailyNews) – Poor North.  She is going to be so embarrassed by her parents one day.

Ways to Cook With Ketchup (Food and Wine Magazine) – Do NOT diss the big red.  If you’re above using ketchup, I’m not sure we were ever really friends to begin with.  Ironically, I’ll put ketchup on more things than the average person, yet I’ve never wanted it on my eggs.  Hm.

Ref Defends Final Call in Patriots/Panthers Game (NFL) – I’ll admit, I only saw the post game replay, and you know what I said about it, (“QUIT CRYING BABIES!”) but not everyone felt the same.  The play does look a little suspect, but in my opinion, that receiver had no shot of catching Brady’s last-ditch attempt anyways.  Thoughts?

The Ultimate 2013 Winter and Holiday Nail Polish Guide (Fashionista) – Your holiday nails are just about as important as your actual plans.  If you’re not looking for yourself, at least look for a friend.  Nail polish is the best stocking stuffer ever!



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